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Udja Sebai Maa,

I have been contemplating the recognition of the divine as the reality behind temporary pleasures from people-objects-experiences and the connection to true happiness. Pleasures are by nature short lived and even the most enlightening exchanges with a temporal form are fleeting and can leave one lacking IF the temporal form is believed to be the source of the happiness or abiding. People suffer by believing forms bring happiness and fulfillment, or because they know they don’t but are unable to find, understand, or experience a happiness and fulfillment in themselves or the divine. My experience has been that discovering the divine gradually calms the need or repulsion of illusion (if in line with Maat), because the illusion does not actually exists, only the divine exists, and this is a powerful spiritual practice.

My question is, from the perspective of seeing the Self in oneself, others, and all objects; and in recognizing the energy experienced through a temporal form is not that form but god itself. What does it take to grow and integrate this recognition? How does the energy of love, joy, and happiness, derived through yoga of devotion (divine love) differ from emotionality? Part of my experience with these questions has been an increasing aspiration to learn about and recognize the divine.

Came across a Rumi quote that read ” your task is not to seek love, but to find the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” In my experience shedy is like this, as belief in phenomenal form as the source of the energy and the object of love is a barrier against experiencing love versus seeking love and also how much energy can be experienced and how the mind relates to the experience.

Dua, Htp