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I would say that this issue of dispelling misconceptions is perhaps the single most important factor in beginning a viable spiritual path.

It is so important because the conceptions dictate the decisions taken on the path.

As they say “well begun half done”

And this issue abounds with pitfalls

In a society where image and personal feelings are regarded more highly than truth and facts

If an aspirant were to adopt one single rule on the path I would say that that rule is

the conviction to follow truth wherever i leads and regardless of personal feelings and secondly:

leaving old truths behind when a higher truth is encountered.

These will lead to perfection of Maat
and enlightenment (Nehast).

In terms of human experience there are only relative truths and that is why it is necessary to leave old truths behind in favor of higher ones.
At some point the higher leads to the absolute that is found beyond the relative world of relative human experiences.

The term “relative” means “in the realm of duality and illusion of time and space.