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Answer Provided: Introduction to Egyptian Yoga Part 4 Video 8/1/ 2016
Dr. Alexander Djehuti – Mes Moore


When we don’t affirm our higher nature we are acting out of our lower nature. Acting out of our lower nature leads to creation of negative ari that leads to entanglements, pain and suffering. These ari accumulate in our unconscious mind and are responsible for creating the individuals personality. The human acts like an individual because of the belief that they are separated from creation. The ari become desires and push the practitioner into acting on those desires. The purpose of the Shedy Disciplines is to help practitioners purify the personality; there by, reducing and ultimately eliminating the negative aspects of the ego. This leads the practitioner to enlightenment. The Tjef Neteru postures are designed to help the practitioner clear the ego of obstructions.

The Tjef Neteru philosophy of Action helps practitioner’s learn to move like the god and goddesses. Prior to practicing the Tjef Neteru and any other Shedy discipline the human sees him or herself as an individual because the energy centers are blocked with obstructions there by giving the human an opaque view point of the creation. By practicing the Shedy disciplines the energy are cleared. The intellect is cleared by knowing who you are and the emotions are cleared of feelings through devotional practice. The intellect is clear by knowing who you are (creation Myth, ritual identification). That is during the practice and remembering the aspects of the God or Goddesses, the feelings are purified by holding the postures and becoming one with the energy of the God or Goddess. Next by holding the postures for an extended period of time and focusing on the aspects of the postures the practitioner becomes one with the God or Goddess via meditation. Therefore, it imperative that a practitioner uses the Tjef Neteru Postures correctly if they want to clear those obstructions (purify intellect and emotion). Moreover, using any of the different paths in an integrated fashion will also clear the ego.

The Tjef Neteru Postures are can be used as a complete system because the practitioner can use this system to practice in an integral fashion. All of aspects of the personality can be addresses using the Thef Neteru system. Right action, Devotion, Wisdom and will (meditation) can be used. The Tjef Neteru Postures are developed to assist the practitioner in going to the journey of the creation. The postures move one through a series of phases. The creation stage, earth phase, transition, higher self and the establishment phase are the five phases of the creation. A practitioner can practice on an immediate or advance level. The mythological or ritual workout helps the practitioner understand the psycho spiritual principals while at the same time cultivate them. By reducing the repetitions and holding the postures and using guided imagery a practitioner can reflect on each posture and be lead into meditation. The advanced practitioner can move from one posture to another in such a way as to harmonizing the cosmic energy leading to an intuitional experience with the divine. This is the majesty and glory of the Tjef Neteru System.

Moreover the intellect and emotion can be also cleaned by practicing the wisdom, will, righteous action, devotional love, tantric, serpent power disciplines and the Nu Puk Nu system. The wisdom teaching help the practitioner understand the divine mystical psychology. The meditation helps the practitioner understand the mind and develop inner powers (will). The Yoga of Devotional Love is a general practice and could be found all over the Kemetic areas of Egypt. The Maat system is also a general practice for righteous action used to purify the heart and enlightenment cannot occur without it. The tantric system is used for practitioners in relationships and the serpent is used to purify the energy centers via various practices. The Nu Puk Nu system is one of the advanced systems of the Kemetic culture.

The Shedy Disciplines are studied in an integral fashion by vegetarians who don’t drink alcohol. The participants are encouraged to listen to the teaching. Thereafter, they should constantly study and reflect on the teachings. Lastly participants are to meditate on the meaning of the teachings. If the ego is purified the participant will become one with Asar in the magnificent West. Participants that are not successful in purifying the ego in this life time go to the East and go back through the cycle of birth and death (reincarnation).

Finally everybody goes through the hall of judgment and they are judged by their own actions. Those whose hearts are lighter than the feather of MAAT go on to the magnificent West and discovery the divine. All others suffer do to negative actions in the past or present and are subjected to reincarnation.

How did what you see affect your understanding of the teachings and practice of Shetat Neter spirituality and philosophy?

I am clear about the fact that devotion practice is needed to purify the feelings (emotion) and I must at every turn master this practice in order to intensify my devotional practices. These practices will purify emotion. Devotional practice can be done in the form of singing, daily worship, chanting, reflecting, meditation and Wisdom Meditation to name a few. Moreover, I must also be clear about how to practice tantric yoga and righteous action and this will ensure that I am moving towards a spiritual life style and maximize the effectiveness of my practice. I am clear about how to listen reflect and Meditate on the teachings. Lastly in order to become enlighten obstacles in energy centers 1, 2, 3, must be cleared up. Therefore, over eating in one must be cleared , obstacles in 2 dealing with issues involving relationship and sex must be cleared and control issues must be cleared up in energy center three if progress is going to made on the path to spiritual enlightenment. Otherwise this issues show up when the soul is present to Asar and will cause the student to be rejected from entering the magnificent west. The initiate’s progress is thwarted.