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Bastu Baket

1. List the important points covered in this lecture.

In the beginning of the webinar Sebai Maa gave us a review of what Aset had done so far with her listening, reflecting and meditation. Then we begin with Verses 35 and 36 with Ra trembling and teeth chattering from the poison of the Taffy Shepsy and becoming overpowered and overwhelmed by it just as the Nile overwhelms the land.

In Verses 37 through 39 Ra steels himself and stops vibrating enough to be able to speak. Then he calls out to all the Gods and Goddesses who came forth through him, to come to him. He is unable to sustain creation. The poisoning is revealing his weakness.

Verses 41-44 is where Ra tells the Gods and Goddesses that he was bitten but did not see it, it was not made by his hand and he had not experienced this pain before. So he does not know how this happened to him, what did it, or had never felt this way before. With these verses we see how the Taffy Shepsy (Aset’s own transformation) has been able to pierce the illusionary aspect of Ra and as Sebai Maa explained we too can develop this “mastery of the knowledge of our higher nature as above of the Neteru” and indeed I agree with his statement that this brings hope, empowerment and joy that we have this capacity.

Verses 45-50 – bring important clues to what is being alluded to in this Nefer teaching in reference to the True Essence of Ra. He begins by stating he is a Prince. The question is raised if he is the Supreme Being how can he be a Prince? We are given to understand that he is “an emission created through Divinity” that Neter, Divinity which is androgynous, genderless brought Ra into being but is contained in the body of Ra. He explains he is a Great One, the Son of a Great One and that he has many names. So the true name of Ra contains the Essence of that Neter Divinity that was placed in Ra. It is One with Ra and all creation is part of Ra.

Verses 51-53 – with these last verses for this lesson there were important keys especially for my understanding “Atef-a mut-a ren-a amun set em khat-a er” Sebai translated this as “father mine mother mine name mine hidden it in body mine” So the All-Encompassing Neter, this Father/Mother hid his true name in his body (all creation). This essence, true name of Ra is hidden and Aset found a way to reveal it for our benefit!

2. Reflection

My reflections for this lesson are, these few verses allow us to begin to see what Aset has done through her khak-ab, antet begag, an chen, creating the Taffy Shepsy thereby transforming her personality. Now she has pierced through the illusory aspect of Ra (creation). This is something we all need to do, as Sebai Maa said, “Look at Ra and all creation in a different light to overcome the illusions of life.” This is beneficial so when we experience the ups/downs, joys/failures, likes/dislikes, etc. in this physical realm we understand them to be illusory and changeable, not what is true and abiding but our true essence is hidden and may be revealed if we are willing to do what Aset had done.