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Keeping company with like-minded implies association with wises. It is important to avoid extremism and always seek proper spiritual balance. It is suggested not to discuss questions of initiatic nature with uninitiated friends. Shetaut Neter does promote devotion to MAAT, which is balance and not extremism associated with cults or fundamentalist religions. The Kemetic teaching does not require exclusion from the world as opposed to other practices. It promotes balanced spiritual development of feeling and Intellect. It is necessary however to have regular retreats in order to dissolve the negative impacts resulting from involvement in the world. Such retreats will allow one to reconnect with the sacred teaching in a higher way so as to be able to return to the world environment with new perspectives. One should not lure himself or herself as despite our good will to advance in the spiritual path, association with people in the world either for professional or social reasons although necessary, will lead to negative subtle impressions that will need to be cleansed. And that is why, regular retreats are important for our spiritual progression until the point that we are free of our negative Arius and attain NEHAST.