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This has been a good summary about the condition of human existence and the process of spiritual evolution as well as the path to that evolution through real religion and in particular, Neterianism. This forms a foundation for more advancing studies so it is very importan to have this grounding foundation.

A few points:

What you have about sacred space is correct and I will just expand a little. Sacred space is in the beginning a physical place where the teachings can be explored and practiced unhindered and in full immersion. However, ultimately sacred space in a higher sense is when the mind and personality are purified and unburdened from the negative influences of egoism so as to be able to experience divinity spontaneously regardless of external conditions. So at first it is physical, then mental and then an “experiencial” spiritual place that is beyond time and space altogether.
“A task pursued by the Temple of ASET through the directions and research of Sebai Maa and Seba Dja who have founded Neterianism,”

Actually we did not “found” Neterianism. Neterianism is just the word we coined to translate the term “Shetaut Neter” into the modern parlance of namings of world religions. We founded the Sema Institute which is a modern day religious foundation for the study and dissemination of the Neterian teachings.

Otherwise it is a good essay.