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This has been a long and comprehensive essay and I appreciate through it the reasonings and thus also the levels of understanding more profoundly. So everyone should read it along with my comments.


“There are times where aspirant may ask questions however, it would be with the intention to clarify knowledge and understanding and not to show what they know about the teaching.”


Sometimes, a small minority of aspirants ask questions so as to challenge and disprove what the teacher is saying; perhaps to prove to themselves they are at the same level as the teacher or perhaps to disprove the teaching so they can go away content with the ideas they hold dear, or the desires they want to pursue. In these cases, they cannot be helped by the teacher because they lack humility. They need more devotional and ethical practice in order to develop that humility. Otherwise their ego will keep their spiritual movement in check indefinitely.



“A limitation reinforced by the fact that books only have the potential to affect the intellect and as advised by all mystical teachings, intellect alone cannot realize God because of its inherent nature attached to duality. Put in other words, the books may help one to discourse about spirituality but not to practice it. Practice is required to advance and develop the capacity of seeing beyond duality.”


Books are important as tools to convey teachings but they lack a critical ingredient, liveliness. Otherwise people could skip college and just go to a library and read and get a degree.

A living teacher is necessary in order to help the person understand the meaning and application of the teaching and that is important as one of the components of learning, the intellectual aspect. There are still the emotional, will and ethical parts. So discourse is part of the shedy practice when conducted under correct guidance and intellect is important and essential to be elevated and discourse such as in shedy: “khnumt nefer” is essential to this process reaching a successful outcome.



“Usually the call for realization of the SOUL comes from a deep interest to transform the world but, people have the tendency to look for changes externally through political struggle, humanitarian initiatives, etc.”


Indeed, this is correct in one sense and people should not get caught up in or crushed by the events of the world when they go a different way since that is the nature of the world and it would be pathetic to pursue outcomes that are potentially changeable and be upset when they actually change for the worse (which will eventually happen). Working for the betterment of humanity is necessary and good but placing one’s emotional hopes or dreams in it is irrational and a recipe for suffering, delusion and intensification of egoism. Though additionally it needs to be understood that in Maat philosophy though the higher truth is understood to be internal this does not negate or neglect the external since the external is the field (physical world and physical body) where the teaching is to be practiced so as to develop and reach the higher internal goa. Indeed, the results however are to be sought internally so you practice not seeking rewards or looking for success in the world of time and space. If ti comes that is ok but it is not the ultimate goal since whatever that success may be it is ephemeral. However, the lessons and wisdom gained and purity of heart developed through that process edifies the internal when pursuit in this manner and will at the same time benefit the external (secular) world at the same time.


And this point you alluded to later in the essay:

“Although some values can be found in helping humanity but most effective ways reside in changing ourselves”


and though your statements might be considered contradictory I think your overall understanding is good and I wanted to elaborate to make sure there are no diffidence issues about this point.



“The Kemetic teaching does not require reclusion from the world as opposed to other practices. SN promotes balanced spiritual development of feeling and Intellect.”


Though it is not absolutely required, a time of sabbatical both daily, monthly and annually is recommended especially in our troubled times. This means having quiet time daily, and meditation time and going on retreats away from the hustle of modern life so as to become absorbed in the paradigm of the teaching and be able to see and experience it clearly and without interruptions at least for a period of time. Then as experience grows it is more possible to spiritualize life meaning to infuse the worldly activities with a spiritual conscience that neutralizes the negative egoistic influences and allows one to maintain purity and detachment even while living and working in the world in such a way it does not interfere with the spiritual practices or experiences.


Very good