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Dua Sebai Maa #7014

This course has certainly been very important for working to dispel misconceptions, especially after having read many of your books and engaged in inconsistent but determined yogic practices previously. The process of dispelling misunderstanding has been critical in being able to move through some long and deeply held notions and sentiments, and allow for increasing aspiration for spiritual evolution which is so critical to going forward in the spiritual purpose of life. A major impediment behind many of the misconceptions has been looking at spiritual philosophy and some experiences through the lens of ego-consciousness, and working with the material through the discussion format and some direct guidance has been helpful in seeing where the perspective was rooted in egoism. This allows for deepening of Shedy Rech within the proper perspective and being able to increase Khak-Ab and Antet Begag along with integral shedy and three-fold study of the teachings. And the work continues on!

Edit: Wanted to add that the process of being able to dispel misunderstandings has also been important for my normalization process. The key quote “normalize before spiritualize”, is still an essential foundation being built through drawing closer to the teachings.