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Dua Sebai Maa for including the pictorials of the Ancient Egyptian OWL Hieroglyph. In my post #6935 I had wanted to include a photo I had taken at a Native American event I attended with my grandchildren of an Eurasian Owl but I did not know how to attach it within the post. So I appreciated your pics! But what is more important is your feedback. I especially resonated with your sentence: “Em (owl) is the gateway to unraveling the mysteries of Ancient Egyptian scriptures and insights into the energy of transformation by the shape, countenance and gaze of the owl.” That gateway of the owl’s gaze is our intensity to study, reflect and meditate on the teachings and etch them in our heart, not merely for intellectual study but to transform and realize our Divine Nature. This also brought me to thinking about the owl as the symbol of wisdom as you had stated and just as Aset is the symbol of wisdom of the higher and lower mysteries. I have an inquiry, is the owl and one of its meaning of “through” relating “through Aset” almost like a hologram? It seems that way to me at least.

In your post #6944 which you referred us to, I’d like to highlight: “Indeed everyone has different aryu to deal with but the process is scientifically the same to arrive at the goal, which entails the practice of saa rech/khak-ab/antet begag shedy that is the construction of the Taffy Shepsy. At the same time of this construction there is a purification of the aryu in the ab that is occurring because of the process. This leads to the goal.” So here you clearly gave us the scientific formula to properly build our transformation, our Taffy Shepsy, using understanding with feeling of the wisdom teachings and philosophy, dispassion and detachment of worldly desires, thoughts, etc.,being relentless in pursuit of our goal with the Shedy disciplines. It is up to us to choose to be frequent and intense with our practice so as to alleviate the built up negative aryu and engender the positive aryu and purity of the heart. I found this to be very encouraging and uplifting in the sense of purification in the Ab is occurring due to following this formula and of course adding the “an chen” not stopping.

Another passage given by Sebai Maa that struck me was: “When you will to aspire to spiritual goals with the conscious mind, it is positive and produces positive aryu but this leads to

    purity of mind

and cannot lead to the goal. To reach the goal it is necessary to use the mind but also be detached from it.” So even have Khak ab to your own mind and thoughts, desires, all Creation, even if they are positive. JUST LET GO! This will now allow us to have clarity and true Hetep to be in that “an nemu nemu” state and experience longer and deeper piercing of the illusions and sustain them whether in meditation or throughout the day (informal meditation), communing with the Divine perennially but able to function within this time and space realm as well.

Dua Sebai Maa (Merri Aset)!

Shems Baket