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The God Set, Redeemed, in service to Ra



A good listing of subjects covered.

Please change your spellings of the following:

Kephri told this to Tehutti, Assar and Asset


Khepri, Djehuty, Asar, Aset

Also please refrain from using the term “blue bloods” since this is a pejorative term used by the elites of western culture to separate themselves from common persons and is related to being born into a materially wealthy class above others. This is not the same meaning of royalty in Ancient Egypt. In Ancient Egypt the term royalty especially in terms of the achievement of higher consciousness relates to a potential of all human beings and is not related to class circumstances one is born into.

Question 1

Unlike the Rosicrucians or cults the practice of Shetaut Neter Egyptian Mysteries relates to inner evolution and is not a secret social society. In Shetaut Neter the wisdom is shared with those who are deemed ready and sufficiently mature. For those who are initiated it is not recommended to talk about it with those who are not ready and sufficiently mature as this would lead to arguments, distractions and would be counterproductive to one’s spiritual practices.

Question 2

An initiate of Shetaut Neter learns about the nature of truth by studying the teaching of Maat philosophy, consulting with the teacher and then seeking to practice that wisdom to the extent that the will power allows. This is not Christianity or Islam or Judaism and in Shetaut Neter (Neterianism [Ancient Egyptian religion]) there is no satan or devil. There is only the error of unethical conscience. By leaning, studying and receiving guidance the evil in the human heart is revealed as degradation due to egoism. When that egoism is reduced the ethics and virtue arise in the personality and thus redemption as well.


Question 3

There are more details in the African Religion 4 book and the Asarian Resurrection video. The mythic meaning is that the part that was missing was related to physical gestation and human existence. Through spiritual purity and invocation of higher life forces the part was recreated but with spiritual life giving effects. When the higher aspect of spirituality has been given birth to then the desires for worldly pursuits for personal egoistic pleasure are reduced.

Question 4

Semen is a seed that impregnates and gives rise to a form of life. The semen of Set gives rise to ego and egoism while the seed of Heru gives rise to spiritual emancipation and dominance of spirit over matter.


Question 5


The winter solstice is a special time of year because after this period the sun starts moving up every day in the horizon and therefore this symbolizes more solar energy and power available as well as the rising of spirit. So the savior/redeemer of the soul (Heru) is born then on the days when the sun (spiritual devotion to spirit and maturity) starts to rise.


Question 6


Like many other parts of temples and monuments the capstone, which as reputed to be pure gold, was removed, stolen, by Arabs, Christians, Europeans who dismantled many monuments to diminish their power and also to use in their own buildings.