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Lesson 3

A.Notes and Important themes and (B) Why, following (C) questions
Het Heru temple was closed by Romans pushing Christianity
>B Christianity dismantled the temples and converted them into christian churches, crosses carved into walls, set up altars, started burning fires with combustible material, defacing art of the temples. <<< Puts into perspective as to how many people have been converted to avert the attention from the original culture.
>C When the Jewish people were kicked out of Kemet, how did that effect the relationship between the Kamitians and Jews and did Orthodox Judaism have an effect on the shutdown of the temples?
A.(Pre-Dynastic,Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, Late Kingdom, Persian, Greek, Roman, Christian, Islamic)
Old and Middle Kingdom Periods (5500BCE-1730BCE)
Pharaoh was the political leader and religious figure head of the country and they were advised by the clergy, who in turn oversaw a group of overseers who supervised the workers, farmers and trades
Hyskos/Asiatics attacks ended Middle Kingdom, Pushed Asiatics out and started new Kindgom with control South of Nubia into Asia and lower Europe. In the New Kingdom, the priest (very important) could be Army/Royalty which was losing control of the country and this happened until the temples were finally closed down.
B >King/Queen- herd of religion (Hekat)- Shepard used to herd sheep
>Kind leads the people and direct the army
>Pacts with government through royal marriage
>Multiple wives was not allowed in the Kemetic culture but allowed in others
> Polyandry was allowed but not commonly practiced.
B > (Referencing Bull and Seven cows ties into the organization of social structure)
New Kingdom Era (modern empire) Pushed Hyskos out
>C Why is there such a disassociation between Kemet and Africa if there were many cultures and ethnicities lived together? “We come from Kemet” Dogon, and the Kamitians say they come from Nubia, does that mean the cultures are relative?
A. In order to exist in the world, you need a window to the world.
Window to reality is tainted with perception.
>B True Realities of the world transcends from culture, culture gives you an idea of reality, how do we have that perception of reality from our culture if we are not taught our culture, is our perception of reality someone else’?
>There are 3 realities: Actual, Image and Verbal
Differentiation is by product of the culture
Culture expression is leading us into trouble.
A. We are seeking truth through different paths. Pieces are relative, changing with time
What is the absolute reality?
Virtual (not an absolute)
Infinite Variety
Karmic basis- residue of previous actions
B. Where do souls come from? The Philosphy: Spiritual being is able to manifest
Where am I in my body? What part of the body do I inhibit?
Moving so automatically, I’ve never thought about where I am in my body, with the mindset unknowingly being that I am my body.
NO two souls have the same karmic basis
Virtue is light, Vicious is dull/heavy
C. Was Lion King a story of Heru?
A. Same plot, same theme, same action, different religions can be relative
We are living in a dysfunctional society
Black people of Kemet were not racially biased, ethic change becomes cultural.
Culture encompasses ethnicities
Why do you cry when someone dies?
“Nubia is the seed, Kemet is the flower”