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Behudet Maat

Lesson 7 Sema philosophy

A- What was the message you got from this days lecture?

The first steps in Sema philosophy is to breath and calm down to help bring they mind to a poise for relaxation so that one can intellectually emotionally and physically be able to expand one’s consciousness and Blossom as a human being, this is what the class is about not to just amass large amounts of information but to grow as an individual.

Sema means yoga and Tawi means upper and lower Egypt.

The red color of a person in the reliefs of the kemet were used to signify that the person was the Pharoh. This color what use the goddess of the persons actual complexion whether dark brown like Taharka or white like Alexander the Greek.
Yoga and Sema are synonymous yoga is a part of Hinduism just as Sema is a part of shetaut neter. They both are the mystical aspects of each respective religions that go Beyond the Myth and ritual of Monday more secular religion is practiced by the three main world religions of today.

Yoga is a discipline that allows the religion to be effective just like Sema augments the African religion of Shetaut Neter. They are like the engines that make their religion run.

Many people in India look at the term yoga at something that originated with their most ancient scripture The Vedas which dates back to the 1500B.C. with the Aryans upanishads came in 1000 B.C. it is said the upanishads that came between 600-800 B.C. the term yoga in The Vedas during the 1500 period meant to yoke. Inn the upanishadic. It took on a mystical meaning of to unite the lower and higher self Kama the Indian indologist confirm this when they explained that the use of the term yoga as a mystical practice does not appear in The Vedic period it occurs after 1000 B.C. Hindus will argue you down when you tell them that yoga did it originate in India yet there is evidence that yoga as it’s universal meaning was practiced in other cultures before it pops up in The Vedas and upanishads. For instance the ancient Egyptians symbol of divinities Heru and Set our time together was to land the upper and lower Kingdom which represents the aspect in every human being to unite the higher and lower self. The basic disciplines of Sema are yoga of wisdom, yoga of devotional love, yoga of selfless action: Maat or Unbutu philosophy, Tantric philosophy and the serpent power yoga also called Kundalini Yoga is an aspect of tantric philosophy which encompasses all of the aforementioned yoga’s any kind of yoga you practice you are affecting the serpent power within yourself. Power is a dormant latent energy until it is awakened by spiritual evolution.

The four Great truths of shetaut neter are inherent in all the traditions of Sema Tawi. The Shedy disciplines are the Sema disciplines, doing Shedy leads to knowing oneself which is what everyone is ultimately after. Who you are and what you are is two different things. What you are is temporal, Who you are is transcendental. The great truths are pursued in disciplines in 3 steps.
The 4 disciplines are
1. Sedjm Shedy (listening to the teachings)
2. Ari Shedy (acting righteously)
3. Udjet (devotional aspect)
4. Uaa Shedy (Meditation on the Divine) and these correlate to the program of religion 1. myth 2. ritual 3.mysticism.
The four great truths correlate to the 4 Shedy disciplines.
1. God is one and in all things manifesting through the Neteru. -> listen to the wisdom teachings
2. Unrighteousness brings fetters to the personality and these Fetters cause ignorance of truth. ->Acting (living) by truth apply the philosophy of right action to become virtuous and purify the heart.
3. Devotion to God allows the personality to free itself from the fetters. -> Devotion to the Divine worship ritual and divine Love Allowed the personality to purify buy truth to eradicate subtle ignorance that binds it to Mortal existence.
4. The Shedy discipline disciplines are the greatest form of worship of the Divine. -> meditation allows the whole person to go beyond the world of time and space and the gross and subtle ignorance of mortal human existence to discover that which transcends time and space.
B. Note which one you thought was most important and why.:
Yoga has been in the United States for 100 years and yoga has strayed away from the original purpose that it was brought to America for. Ninety-Nine percent of people in the United States don’t know that yoga is much more than the postures because that’s all that’s promoted. People don’t want the philosophy they want to debase it into exercise so that they can look good which is not what any aspect of yoga is about. This is very important to me because I’ve come to learn that yoga or better yet Sema Tawi is the way to discover who I am and my purpose in life and I was once one of those people who thought like 99% of Americans about yoga. Since learning better I now look forward to living the teachings and this will show others what yoga (Sema Tawi) is really about.

C-Note any questions you may have:

what is the difference between the modern zodiac and the zodiac of Dendera and did/does either zodiac reveal personality traits, lessons that need learning, strong cosmic influences that effect one born under any particular sign and the like?

During the battle of Heru and Set they both took the form of the hippopotamus this is the same form of the iconography in the center of the zodiac of Dendera. Is there a connection and what does the symbolism of the hippo email
entail in the shetaut of African Religion vol.4 as well as tawaret as the hippo?

In the Asarian resurrection mythic battle of Heru and Set did Heru come out the water first in order to cut off his mother Aset’s head?