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In this video I expanded the issue of mysticism in the context of being an advancing initiate and what is necessary to be understood in order to move forward and not become stagnant as a ordinary spiritual aspirant. In this vid I expand on the issue of the intensity that an avid aspirant needs to develop in order to create a lifestyle that effectively promotes extrication from the worldly process that creates downward moving aryu and insight into the higher practice of the mysteries that makes the difference between ordinary aspirants working at the myth and ritual levels and remaining at those levels and advanced initiates who are able to move into metaphysics and mysticism and this being the reason for this course as opposed to say Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 studies. From this you can also notice the difference between how and what level of teaching is provided and how the questions are answered in this course versus the lower courses and also in conferences. As with the posting it is attached to, the video also goes into details on in a practical sense what it means to apply the mystic philosophy in life beyond the theoretical implications and also understanding, in no uncertain terms, the scientific process, to be engaged, of transforming the aryu in the unconscious and thereby, in degrees, constructing the taffy shepsy personality and the inexorable path to enlightenment. So this is being brought up for you to notice and realize what this course is for and the opportunity its participants have if they are able to understand, adopt and practice the advancing teaching that is being attempted to be disseminated.


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