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Aset Veiled

Aset Veiled



A good post and essentially correct.

You are referred to the post #6944 min lesson 5 for more details on the issue of the time when the Taffy Shepsy makes its strike.


You have one typo in the statement: “She then considered the Life of Sages who had discovered Akhu—the highest realm of human existence because the Akh is the part of the spirit closet to Nebetjer, which is is better than the gods and goddesses.”

I am correcting this because if it is read as is it will have a totally different meaning. The desired word is “closest”.


About the statement: “As Sebai pointed out Ra brought Creation into a state of inactivity to a state of activity. The point being that “inactivity is the key.” If one can stop their thoughts they can become one-pointed and know the right time to strike.”


Again you are referred to the post #6944 min lesson 5 as it has more detailed insights into the issue of the process of building the Taffy Shepsy, and how an nemu-nemu develops and when the time of striking Ra arises.


In reference to the statement: “Sebai Maa likens this to the fire of Ra flowing out as starts to bleed into Himself, meaning the Life Force (Sekhem) is bleeding into Ra and He becomes overpowered (“der”). At this point Aset is in the position to act, as Ra is in His state of vulnerablity and weakness.”


At this point in the scripture Aset’s “action” is not of khak-ab for that was the action that got her to this stage. She was not striking Ra either. She is practicing antet begag, a spirited insisting pursuit of truth. Some aspirants may experience the weakness of Ra when they suddenly realize, even for a few seconds, that they are experiencing life as a dream-world. At this point there is a choice, to press on or pull back. Many people, due to fear, will pull back and let Ra pull the wool over their eyes again. Others will press on for the “kill” and these are aspirants of Aset. When Ra becomes weak, as Tem, they keep asking the questions and not accepting lies or delusions for answers. Whenever the heart and or mind feels or intellectually sees the flaws of the world they are pursued relentlessly by the avid aspirant to their source and used for the destruction of the illusion of Creation. Can you think of more examples of this concept of the weakening illusion of Creation?

This relentless pursuit is what helps build the taffy shepsy (one-pointed vision with life force and stillness of personality) directed at poisoning the illusion of Creation, which is intensified by self-delusion, egoistic actions, thoughts and feelings.