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Some important concerns have been raised here.

You state that you would like to have the one-pointed patience and stillness. This comes from saa rech (understanding wisdom philosophy) and khak-ab (dispassion and detachment) so if you have not arrived at the point you aspire to then there is needed more antet begag (continued effort/not being discouraged) and knowing Asar will be found (this is a given upon a certain level of initiatic awareness and acceptance of the teaching), as Aset also found his pieces and put him back together. There is scateredness in the mind and the house of mirrors of thoughts in the mind, reflects the fragmented pieces of life back to you in your mind. All those pieces, except the witness who is aware of them, are illusory and to be let go. When this happens there will be uau (oneness/onepointedness) and an nemu-nemu (stillness).

Indeed everyone has different aryu to deal with but the process is scientifically the same to arrive at the goal, which entails the practice of saa rech/ khak-ab/ antet begag shedy that is the construction of the taffy shepsy. At the same time of this construction there is a purification of the aryu in the ab that is occurring because of the process. This leads to the goal.
Now, the following is the difference between ordinary aspirants who go on for years struggling and hoping to attain the goal and those who understand the science of the process of the mysteries and how to apply it; it is important to also understand that the goal is not arrived at as a conscious willing act. So it is incorrect to say ‘timing is everything’ in this context.
Why? Because the timing is a non-issue in terms of reaching the goal for the goal is already determined. The practice of the shedy disciplines outlined above is controlled by the level of intensity in dispassion and detachment and the frequency in terms of relentlessness (an chen) in the practice. So you do not control exactly when the goal is reached, for that relates to the condition of aryu in the unconscious mind. However, you do control IF the aryu will be transformed and also the relative timing of the reaching of the goal by the intensity of studies and application of the teaching and how often it is engaged (either in one lifetime, a few lifetimes or many lifetimes).

So if the dispassion and detachment are weak but the frequency of practice and application are intense the outcome is delayed. If the dispassion and detachment are intense but the frequency of practice and application are slack then the outcome is also delayed but with potential to improve since intense dispassion and detachment can lead to intensity in frequency of practice of shedy. If dispassion and detachment and frequency are all lax then there is no chance of reaching the goal in the foreseeable future (lifetimes). If the kha-ab dispassion and detachment (which implies also saa-rech) are intense and the frequency of practice and application are also intense then the goal is arrived at with alacrity and in the most expeditious manner possible just as if you plant a fruit tree it might take years to bear fruit but if you add water, fertilizer and sun, etc. it will happen as soon as possible.

Therefore, do not be so concerned about consciously willing to be like Aset but rather concentrate on engaging the process that she modeled and let the science of the unconscious transformation take its course. In this way, the conscious mind is used to promote its own deconstruction (as I discussed in the Hieroglyphic Translations series), without the interruptions of the conscious mind creating doubts, and more negative aryu of hope or disappointments or desires that add to the storehouse of the unconscious and act as still more clouds hiding the path to realization of the goal. When you will to aspire to spiritual goals with the conscious mind it is positive and produces positive aryu but this leads to purity of mind and cannot lead to the goal. To reach the goal it is necessary to use the mind but also be detached from it. This means in the mythic level of spiritual practice it is allowed and positive to say “I want to be like Aset”, etc. In the higher metaphysical/mystic level of practice, even that lofty idea is to be left behind and THIS is the arrival at an nemu-nemu, devoid of even positive ideas, just undifferentiated consciousness. This process weakens Ra (world illusion) and when this occurs the taffy shepsy strikes and this final poisoning leads to the revelation of transcendent absolute (Neter). So you do not control when the taffy shepsy strike will occur but you control the process that will lead to it by understanding the illusoriness of Creation and gradually moving away from engaging the illusion as a reality (including yourself and your relations, desires and conceptions of existence)

Additionally, it is important to understand that the “building of taffy shepsy” is more than just the practice of formal meditation and or practice of breathing in formats that develop the life force since even if these are done successfully the other aspects of the personality will thwart the spiritual movement and lead to the negative application of those energies developed in the formal practice. It involves living a lifestyle that leads to purity of heart and that includes spending time listening to and reflecting upon/studying the teachings so as to develop intellectual understanding, doing the shedy disciplines to produce and collect positive aryu that transforms the unconscious, developing will to resist and allow to dissipate negative aryu, clearing physical life so that the lifestyle is conducive to positive thoughts, feelings, and experiences that purify the heart so living in negative areas, with negative people, having negative jobs and holding on to negative thoughts, feelings and desires which promote ignorance, and experiences that lead to clouded mind and weak will must be confronted and resolved.

Finally, if you find this useful make an inventory of all that is obstructing saa-rech, khak-ab and antet begag and work on dealing with these while also inventorying what is positive and how to intensify that; and the rest will fall into place in due course according to the level of intensity and relentlessness applied.
Aset Veiled

Aset Veiled

Along with the formula Listening+Reflection+Meditation, remember the other formula that was given in a earlier post:

saar + khak-ab + antet begag + an chen = Maakheru = Nehast

reasoned ethical living with dispassion/detachment practiced without being discouraged and without stopping leads to spiritual victory, which produces spiritual enlightenment.



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