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As you have described it, ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’ and “shifting in feelings and emotions.’ This is a factor of moving from Set to Aset mindset and there is a pull back and forth in an integrative process. The struggle is one of gradually becoming comfortable and self-sufficient to the extent that being sick and tired is not necessary and the shifting emotions cease shifting because the personality has become seated in the feelings and emotions emanating from pure soul (Ba) instead of impure mind (Ka). And indeed, the relentlessness comes in in the continuous effort to patiently allow the manifesting feelings and emotions that continue to come from negative aryu to emerge and be dissipated. On the other side, the relentlessness comes in when promoting positive aryu of feelings and emotions based on wisdom and allowing those to neutralize the negative and also become embedded in the mind. The building is built step by step from clearing the land of weeds and unwanted obstructions, to setting a foundation to walls, floors and brick (or block, or plank of wood) by brick and finally clearing the debris left over, and painting/finishing the project. So too the enlightened personality is built step by step in a scientific process of transforming the unconscious (Ab) mind.


The term “mau”



In reference to Verse #2, I am expanding the definition of the word “mau” to present a more nuanced understanding of the teaching. The term “mau” relates to breath in the sense of the air that is breathed that has life force in it. It also relates to a pun on the letters m-a-u which in a different context relate to cats and lions and that relates us to the feline, leonine energies represented by the goddesses Sekhemit and Bastet, known as sekhem life force. Therefore, mau is “extendedly” defined as the life force in air that when breathed acts as a fire that sustains life.


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