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Aset Veiled

Aset (Isis) Veiled

Part 1

Indeed there are new dating techniques that can date when stone was last exposed to the sun. So if something was buried say by silt then it can be determined when it was covered over

However, if the authorities do not want to use such techniques then they will be neglected. They may not want to use them because they may contradict the establishment doctrinal datings.

Part 2

No there were no red hair and blue eyed people in Ancient Africa and the Caucasoid peoples are Africans who due to geographical conditions gradually changed hue. This was demonstrated in a study mentioned in the Book African Origins where the change takes 20 K years est.

Part 3

About Jews see answer to Part 2

Part 4 about wigs

Ancient Egyptians wore them as a means for protecting from sun and cooling in winter as well as ritual relating to the Neteru Gods and goddesses and their likenesses as well as for hygiene.

About the Europeans, ask the European history scholars.

Part 5: So are the Kemetic stories, simple stories to describe Quantum physics, Astro Physics and Astrotheology?

Yes; indeed exactly and that study is part of the Egyptian Mystery teachings (Shetaut Neter).

Part 6: If we look as earth as a soul factory to develop the soul, then those that choose illusion, can their soul permanently die, if they don’t spiritualize? Can the soul be killed or do you just keep reincarnating until you get it right. If we just dissolve back into source ( godhead) why do we come to earth? Can we learn to stay differentiated so we live as co-creator. Do we reach god-hood and become a creator? Or do we just dissolve back into creation? What if we don’t want to dissolve back into creation, but continue as a creator?

The soul is not a separate entity from the divine but only a deluded aspect so it cannot be killed or destroyed. However, the other elements of the personality such as mind and name and physical body can and are disintegrated at the time of death and sometimes before as well.

Not so easy to understand at this level of Egyptian Mysteries study but the following is an explanation that needs to be expounded, studied and reflected upon over time to allow the understanding to develop.
All elements eventually dissolve into Creation but Creation is a manifestation of spirit so ultimately everything dissolves back into its original source: spirit.

Part 7: Because the lower self is ego and illusion what is the purpose of keeping it? Why not just totally live in the higher self ( Heru) if this is truth and peace? Why do we need set ( Lower self)?

This is the desired goal but, hey if you could do it just by flipping a switch in your mind go for it! That’s the ultimate goal

However, most people cannot do that because they have accumulated a storehouse of aryu in the unconscious that impels and compels them to think, feel and desires in certain ways.

The Teaching are there to help a person work through those issues and ultimately let go of the ego (aryu) that is holding them to the lower self and its experiences.

Part 8: What does Shetaut Neter say about our Multidimensional being status? Do we exist on several planes all at once, what is the purpose of this?

Again, not an easy question to explain and understand in this introductory course and requires more time and development for fuller understanding. The human personality does have aspects that exist on multiple planes namely physical astral causal and transcendental. The purpose is to be able to have experiences in a relative existence which is time and space.

And for this to occur spirit needs to be able to have different aspects in different levels of gross to subtle so that there might be a relative basis for perception.

Which simply means in order to see things you need to have a separate standpoint to see them from.

In this case the relative standpoint is you mind and senses and the other objects are appearing with their own relative realities. So the relative perceptions perceive each other even while all are illusory appearances. Therefore it is for the purpose of having a platform to cognize which requires apparent separate perspectives or vantage points.

The problem is when those vantage points start believing they are abiding and separate entities and that is called egoism. If you look through a periscope as an instrument to see things above the water that is fine. If you believe you are an entity and part of your being is a periscope and you are a person who sees through periscopes and if you don’t have one you are blind then you have a periscope ego personality.

The idea is the periscope is an instrument and not you, that is, who you are essentially. In the same way the mind and senses and body are instruments and not you like when you have a dream. The dream person and its senses and mind are not you but used temporarily to have the dream experiences

The purpose is perception but not identification. Identification with the perceiving instruments is the problem leading to egoism, delusion and spiritual ignorance.

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