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Bastu Baket

TTOA Lesson 6 Video/Webinar Assignment

List the important points covered in this lesson:

At the beginning of this lesson Sebai Maa gave us a comprehensive recap of the previous lessons and highlighted many important points. But I will begin with the important points of this lesson Verses 22-34. We begin in Verse 22 with Aset who has fashioned and kneaded the sacred serpent, Taffy Shepsy from herself and left it (herself) lying there on the course which Ra travels everyday but not moving (an nemu nemu). She is focused on Ra in her meditation and not moving physically, inert, not creating thoughts but in one pointedness waiting for the right time to strike.

In Verse 23 we see Ra traveling his path but is in his old age now, tired, heavy and burdened. This is in Ra’s aspect of Ra Tem the setting sun, with a blood red hue.

In Verses 24, 25 and 26 Ra is traveling along as he pleased, (Aba ab – desire of his heart) along with his Paut, company of the Gods and Goddesses passing through as usual. Casually moving along in the world.

But now in Verse 27 Ra is bitten but is not sure of what bit him.

Verse 28 reveals it to be the Taffy Shepsy, the sacred serpent that Aset fashioned from herself, which from its bite is allowing Ra’s Fire of Life (chet ankh) to start to flow out! This is the fire of life that is used to engender creation. Aset waited for Ra Tem before striking.

Verse 29 – The translation of “Im f djezef der” “into himself as he was overpowered by it” allows us to understand that Ra is now experiencing a sort of internal bleeding and is overpowered by it. This verse also speaks of Ra being in his domain of cedar. Sebai Maa explained that cedar (a red-hued wood) is a metaphor for the solar boat and gave us Nefer photos of the large Solar Boat of Khufu housed at the Giza Pyramid complex. Cedar oil is also used in embalming so another nuance brought out by Sebai Maa is this fragrance is used to perpetuate life.

In Verses 30 and 31 we again see the term “Neter Neterty” “dual Divinity” as we did in the beginning stressing again for us the two aspects of Ra. This aspect is opening his mouth in speech, crying out to the heavens, to his Paut the company of the Gods and Goddesses.

Verses 32 and 33 brought a feeling of almost levity (but no laughing matter for Ra) with the term “ma pu-u” “what’s thattt” Ra’s cry was so loud it reached the heavens the Neteru were saying, “What’s going on?” What is it, what is the matter? But Ra could not find words

Verse 34 – We understand that Ra’s jaws hurt so badly and he could not find the words to describe the pain to them, just cry out. So we see that the poison of the Taffy Shepsy is doing its job. But with this verse we are left as a cliff hanger to see what will happen next.


My understanding of this lesson is to be as Aset turning herself in her meditation into a sacred serpent, harpoon-like and very importantly not moving, waiting for the right moment to strike the exoteric aspect of Ra, his aspect of illusory creation. Once bitten with the force of that one pointedness Creation begins to dissolve, bleed but not want to die off just yet, crying out for help. So this poisoning is not so easy, one must be resolute otherwise a tourniquet or bandage will be placed and allow for further suffering in the world of time and space as the full goal has not yet been reached.

Hetep, Shems Baket