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Lesson 9
Most modern Religions can be traced back to Shetaut Neter.
Kephri created the universe and created the god and goddesses, Kephri told this to Tehutti, Tehutti told this to Hathor and Horus.
Assar and Asset went around the world to civilize men.
Asset and Assar have a son Heru or Horus on the 25th of December
Here is the symbol of the soul joined by wisdom. When this balance is achieved in a human being they become blue blood or Royalty, the ruler of the world
Shemsu Neter are the followers of the Neterian Path. Act like the divine, act, talk, breath like the divine. Worshiping aspects of the divine lead us to the primordial being.
There are 3 stages of Religion
1. Myth
2. Ritual
3. Mysticism
Without Mysticism you have dogma

The truth is you have to put back together by asset.
Myth is not a historical document, all humans being are worthy of attaining the higher teachings & getting to Heru status.
Sema is the union of the higher and lower self. The man theme of all Mystical Spiritual traditions in the union with the higher self for balance.

How to Become a Shemsu you will need
1. Scroll with the great truths
2. Ankh Amulet
3. Image
4. Candle
5. Incense
6. Prayer mat or Blanket

Ra: the Creator
Ra Kephri: the sustainer
Ra Tem ( Is the Tammuz) the destroyer
You keep doing this cycle forever, until forever.
There where 3 different houses
1. Private or inner temple reserved only for the priest and priestess
2. Public Feasible Temples
3. Temple Priest
MAAT: is a cosmic force related to ethical living and Truth.
4 basic Disciplines of Seti
1. Listening
2. Reflecting
3. Meditating
4. Practice
These 4 Paths lead you to a balanced life
Diet system brings purity to the body, keep it pure. Fasting brings purity to the mind.
Seti the meditation of the glorious light
There are 3 Practices to achieve balance
1. Posture
2. Visualize
3. Chant
The goal is the great awakening
There are several levels
1. Sebai: Spiritual Preceptor
2. Seba: Spiritual Teacher
3. Sbait Kheria: assistant Teacher Instructor
4. Hm(t) – Full Priest
5. Ab: Apprentice priest
6. Vnut: Ministers Deacons
7. Basu: Teachers
8. Rekkyt Or Shemsu’s : Aspirants

SONG IS PLAYED on next video, commentary not necessary. Even though I did like O mama Ra tu, song. Felt like home or familiar.

B: The Most important lesson I took from this lesson are the 4 things for a balance life.
1. Listening
2. Reflecting
3. Meditating
4. Practice

1. Like Rosicrucian and other Mystic occult traditions does Neterianism ask one to take secret oath, not to reveal the inner teachings?

2. How do we know which light and if this is the light of truth? “It is said that “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light” Is Satan /Saturn/ Seti all the same luciferic being of light or light barer(s)?

3.What is the symbology of the penis not being found? Should we give up sex when we are reborn as Heru?

4. “During battle, Horus rips off one of Set’s testicles while Set (sometimes called Seth) gorges out Horus’ eye. Set later tries to prove his dominance by initiating intercourse with Horus. Horus catches Set’s semen in his hand and throws it into a nearby river. Horus later masturbates and spreads his semen over lettuce which Set consumes. Both Set and Horus stand before the gods to proclaim their right to rule Egypt. When Set claims dominance over Horus, his semen is found in the river. When Horus’ dominance is considered, his semen is found within Set so Horus is granted rule over Egypt” What is the significance of the semen?

5. Why is Jesus, Mithra, Horus, Tammuz, and many others Solar Savior figures born around the winter solstice 22- 25th of December?

6. Why is the capstone missing for the pyramids and whats is the significance of this?