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Lesson 8
The most ancient history is the Kemetians. There are several accounts for Egyptians rulers civilizing people as far as China
Neterianism was a complete religion thousands of years before Pre – Judaism. Now Archeologists are saying that the sphinx could more than 12000 years old. They used water erosion to prove this.

Jews where not around when the pyramids where built, the first Jews came around 500BC. Palestine was a territory and subjects of the ancient Egyptian empire. The Arabs are not the original Egyptians, they are black Nubians

You must think about death, because its gives you a big picture view, our life is short on earth so we can assume more of our souls existence will be spent in the afterlife. Many look for happiness outside of themselves but true happiness comes from within. True fulfillment is internal knowing the light of truth. For one to have fulfillment they must direct their mind, the mind is the cause of grief or happiness. You can never be happy in the world because it’s always changing.

Truth is but one. Must follow the path of MAAT
1. Myth : Story Telling
2. Ritual: Meditations and Discipline
3. Mystical : Ecstasy

We are not African, black or white, we are spirits.

Kephri is the founder, serpents in the ocean, vibrations into form as now modern quantum physics explains everything is vibrations.

There is a 3 fold Cycle of Ra. The galaxy is Created, Grows and Dissolves and this cycles happens over and over.
Ra the Creator
Ra The sustainers
Ra-Tem= The Destroyer

If you can sustain mindlessness you can have pure consciousness and be free from ego. This is called Nehast or liberation enlightment this is the purpose of these teachings.

The Neter teaching give rise to the 3 ( RA, Kephri and Tem)
Amun, RA, Ptah are 1 in the same, hence Neterism is not really polytheism because all the gods and goddesses are aspects of the 1 Godhead.

Tehutti gave the teachings to Hathor, Heru then gave the teachings to the priest and priestesses
Shetaut means secret or occult and Neter means Divinity. Hence Shetaut Neter means hidden way to divinity.

Sema Tawi- is to unite the higher self and the lower self. The Heru and Set union. To bring balance.

B: The most important lesson for me was balancing the lower self with the higher self. Uniting the 2 to find balance in Sema Tawi.

Do we have more accurate or alternative dating techniques??? Egytoptogist Anthony West say the Pyramids are 30,000 years old, Cheikh Anta Diop says another year, and modern Egyptogist say about 4,000 years.
I heard that the Egyptians thought albinism was a curse so they would burn people with red hair & blue eyes and white skin. Did these cast out people become the pro generators of Caucasian race. If not where did the first white people come from?
How did Jews become White (Ashkenazi Jew) If they are from Germany than how is the land of Jerusalem theirs, who are the indigenous people of the land and what’s their claim?

Why did the Egyptians wear wigs. Why do European courts wear wigs? What’s the symbology or significance?

So are the Kemetic stories, simple stories to describe Quantum physics, Astro Physics and Astrotheology?

If we look as earth as a soul factory to develop the soul, then those that choose illusion, can their soul permanently die, if they don’t spiritualize? Can the soul be killed or do you just keep reincarnating until you get it right. If we just dissolve back into source ( godhead) why do we come to earth? Can we learn to stay differentiated so we live as co-creator. Do we reach god-hood and become a creator? Or do we just dissolve back into creation? What if we don’t want to dissolve back into creation, but continue as a creator?

Because the lower self is ego and illusion what is the purpose of keeping it? Why not just totally live in the higher self ( Heru) if this is truth and peace? Why do we need set ( Lower self)?

What does Shetaut Neter say about our Multidimensional being status? Do we exist on several planes all at once, what is the purpose of this?