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A. Notes (Including responses for B (Important keys))
Breakdown happens because of forgetfulness of ethics and morality
Duality, comfort and complacency
Greeks: Pleasure seeking, allowing corruption for social and political order contributed to their own downfall
“You should not say evil should not exist” Afrikan proverb
“If one fights in the arena, forgetful of the past, success will only elude him who ignores what he should know”
>>That answers the question of why it is important to know history, how can you know where to go if you don’t know where you’ve been?<<
Moral degradation allows morals to corrupt social and political order.
(Why do we allow these things to exist if we are aware? The answer I hear when I question the morality of things is ‘that’s just the way it is’ as if we can not change it, which is why I’m here, DuA)
>>You have the Agriculture education social/political/ethics religion (shetat neter) in the temples, shut down the temple and you shut down the economy<<
In the social/political, you have the common folk, skilled workers, government workers, priest/priestess
Not thinking in the sense of ‘peasants’
Men and women were equal in all aspects
Romans succeeded in closing the temple down, ruined economy.
‘Idle hands become the devil’s worship.’
(Is that why we have separation of church and state?)
3 Human Needs (I have given): FOOD, SHELTER (home) AND BOAT (opportunity)
>>>Dangers of oral tradition can be easily disrupted<<< Reminds me of the game telephone
Education: at age 5
writing, math, accounting for economic management
at 10
doing apprentiencship
20 doing a trade
(What is the purpose of life if we are going to die anyway?)
(What am I building in my life?)
My answer I’m seeming to come to is to have Experience.
The Kemet people practiced monogamy, is polygamy a newer concept?
I was told that polygamy is Afrikan but recently heard that this was not true.
What is Passover if the Jews were never slaves in Kemet?
I had a discussion with a friend who claimed that there were many Golden Ages in Kemet and talked about Transhumanism with animal/human beings exsisted. What were the Golden Ages if there were any or many?
This was a great lecture, the other questions I did have answered themselves throughout the lecture.