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Udja Sebai Maa, #6917

Dua Sebai for the guidance on this type of exercise and perspective. I would say that at first it seemed like a beneficial exercise and one that I have engaged in before, without having an understanding of some issues that could be present in that type of perspective. Now with this guidance it has been even more beneficial to be able to share and get insight that has been able to clear up some ways of looking at the myth and mythic personalities and my understanding of insight or awareness. I can tell it will be beneficial for my continued progress to have got some of this insight on how to better look at various myths and teachings, but more importantly this question of looking at insight or awareness from an ego or mind based perspective versus a transcendental non-awareness perspective. It is something I have reflected on since yesterdays chat meeting and has been a very good lesson in regards to resolving some latent or potential misunderstandings and giving good direction to “point” me to the moon without focusing on the “finger.” (This was another image and quote shared on the chatmeeting regarding this discussion.

Dua, Htp