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Firstly I would say you are perhaps overthinking a little and also trying to over-analyze and over categorize mythic personalities, situations and events in an unnecessary exercise.

The following text is from the chatmeeting of 6/29/16 where this was answered:

I would say the understanding is generally correct

and there should not be confusion except that

the issues of the elements of the personality, mind, soul, spirit, intellect etc.

interact and in concert lead to enlightenment when led by preceptorship and purity of heart

this is also why the mysteries are not easy

and many people prefer the path of devotion and not wisdom

because it is perceived as easier

to just sing and be devoted

but not realizing that blind wisdom does not get the goal either

By studying gradually and allowing personality integration

the elements needed to be learned and mastered are gradually brought together in a coherent manner that leads to integral enlightenment

There are many ways to explain the teaching

and the varied traditions have different perspectives

on the same teaching

so it is imp to know how to integrate them so as not to get confused

SO mixing Asarian Resurrection with Temple of Aset or Theban Theology and Memphite theology

is not necessary or advised

even though some elements are compatible and in an overall sense there is no conflict

So you pick a tutelary divinity and base your spiritual shedy on that

and thereby create order with the philosophy-shedy-uaah meditation, etc’

When there is advanced practice then all traditions are the same-

but that is for the advanced mystic level

So you concentrate on one system and become knowledgeable about the inner and outer workings of it and that is called a theurgy or spiritual science pertaining to a particular system

the Asarian Theurgy

Memphite theurgy

Anunian Theurgy, Netert (Goddess) theurgy, etc

And you have priest(esses) specializing in each

The issue is that since we have limited resources the varied traditions are offered simultaneously

at Sema Institute


we have with Kemet U tried to give some order to the disseminating

through Levels of study and different classes

to not produce confusion

and promote purer understanding

from foundational levels to more advanced levels

Which reminds me

there will be a special announcement for Level 1 students coming soon –
perhaps later this evening

and also for Temple of Aset students

Anthony: you have brought up the issue of being aware of self or of worldly issues – today and previously. I think this deserves more insight. When most people develop a notion of “insight” or “awareness” they are still talking about awareness or non-awareness of mond and when we speak of transcendental non-awareness we are not using mind to be either aware of the world or aware of not being in the world. So just as you have said the process of waking up but also of being awake in the sense of not being aware of ro caught up in the world of time and space is all illusory. However, the process of baine aware of being in the moment as opposed to not being aware and involved with objects, situations or your egoistic idea of self as individual —–all of that is a jumping off point to absolute awareness of self transcending time and space IF-IF-IF there is purity of aryu which allows crystal SAA or understanding of the nature of self—IF IF IF this occurs then the expreience itself is the reward and the preceptor and there are no further questions to be asked—only left at that point—confirmation.

Insight- awareness- at ego level are not the same as intuition and enlightenment but Insight- awareness- are disciplines to lead to purity of aryu and lucid (transparent) egoless-mind which are necessary for un amun – absolute witnessing self beyond time and space and awareness of ego individual being aware or non aware of objects aware of being caught up in the world or not. At point of absolute there is no question of being caught or not and nothing to be aware of [at that point] except I as God and the world as me!

Ok – as you advance remember that if it is a feeling you are looking for or an idea or a level of awareness you are formulating in the mind—that is leading astray and not the goal The idea is to understand concept as metaphor and metaphor is the language of myth and mysticism is its goal but not by implementing or living the myth actually but in principle for all the world and its myth and its teachings is illusory so how can the answer be there? Keep thinking but realizing that thinking is not the goal – the answer is the goal that comes from going beyond thinking!