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Excuse me for reiterating the point more then once. Also, my question is not in regard to the vindication of Asar as I received the answer to that on an earlier general forum question. I am asking about the nature of the raising of the Djed as an awakening of spiritual consciousness (Heru) and the subsequent battle of Set is with the accumulated aryu of egoism in order to achieve the goal. In a similar manner in the myth of Heteru and Djehuti, Heteru is awakened to the nature of Ra, creation, awakening of spiritual vision, and some experience (intellectual realization with some experience-ari-mandrake) but the attack by the serpent represented her contending with the Aryu of egoism that continued after she returned to Maatian action and proper pursuit. When the serpent was overcome then the “djed” in a sense was resurrected during the seven days in the three cities (Sefech ba ra and realms of creation) and she achieved the goal in uniting with Ra and seeing Djehuti in his god nature and understood all of what occurred and felt great love.

Correct understanding of the spiritual path in the myth?

While I thought of the myths I wrote stages I saw in Asar-Aset-Heru, Aset-Ra, and Djehuti-Heteru myth and then combined them, so ill post that to get clarification:

“Clarified stages of the spiritual path
1.Condition of the Soul in Creation:
a. Self -> Soul -> Soul does unMaat and develops ignorance of Self individuality/ego

2.Soul exposed to teachings:
a.Soul gains intellectual knowledge of Self, some experience, and aspiration.

3.Initiation: Take on Spiritual Path – Precepts – Purity – Shedy – Maat
a. Soul attains clarity of Self and the path to Self and becomes detached and dispassion to unMaat and pursues divine consciousness

4. Striving:
a. Soul faces latent aryu after taking on Spiritual path and precepts of purity.

5. Established:
a. Soul merges with Self completely and transcends and comprehends creation, divine, self, and life completely and clearly. ”