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My main thought and question here is that Asar represents both the astral consciousness (Soul) which reincarnated due to the fetter and Heru represents the reborn physical consciousness (Soul) that has knowledge of itself and the spiritual purpose of its life through the education and realization of Aset(enlightenment) but must contend with the Aryu in order to perfect itself in that self-knowledge. In this way Heru as the child represents the intellectual knowledge of the path, its battles with Set represent its efforts to resolve its fetters, and its resolution with Set represents resolving of the aryu-fetters that make that intellectual and partial experience complete and this is the vindiciation of Asar-Heru (the soul) in its spiritual efforts in the purpose of life – the true purpose of its reincarnation which is spiritual. Ra (Self) remains all-encompassing, perfect, and distinct from creation in myth of Asar Aset and Heru as well as Djehuti and Heteru while the individual consciousness-soul (Heru-Heteru) seeks to re-member and achieve that true self-knowledge of its all-encompassing, perfect, and distinct nature.

These reflections also create a feeling of both understanding and freedom from material life experiences like relationships, survival concerns, work, having a body, etc because they do not require the repulsion or attraction to these things because they are seen as inconsequential when life is lived in Maat thefore its easier to live life in Maat without the extremes of relation spiritual knowledge to a rejection or attachment to matter or mental phenomena.

These are some of my current growths since starting the course and am checking their validity.

Dua…with much Uashu!