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I would appreciate some words and guidance on the statement below with particular reference to the meaning of resurrection the Djed, vindicating Asar, and its relation to the spiritual path.

“my spiritual nature and aspiration is Heru being raised and educated through the goddess Aset (knowledge and wisdom esp the inner nature of Ra) which leads to the resurrecting of the Djed ( Life-Force and consciousness) and the vindication of Asar (the Soul.) Heru then contends with Set (egoism) which developed in conflict with the soul when the soul(Asar) first performed mating with the material illusion(Nebthet) leading to ignorance and death-reincarnation. Aset then resurrected and gave birth to the spiritual consciousness in the form of Heru (spiritual aspiration) and Heru with knowledge of its past must contend with the conditioned aryu containing the fetters, affliction, egoistic notions and ramifications of ignorant-unrighteous actions. When the spiritual aspiration overcomes the fetters in the aryu the resurrected soul (Asar-God) is able to informs all of creation ( the ntru- the unconscious mind) that the spiritual aspiration has overcame the fetter and has become the ruler of creation. The Spiritual aspiration Heru is identified with Ra ( God) and Asar (resurrected soul – god) and the nature of the divine from the causal-astral-physical ( unconscious subconscious and conscious) is complete or full and harmony(Maat), consciousness (the eye) is perfected (MaaKheru.) The spiritual aspiration then enlightened (Heru) lives within the fullness, prosperity, joy, bliss of the divine creation (Heteru.) Heru-Heteru-Ra representing a symbol of yoga. This resurrected djed Soul overcomes its own ignorance(Set) through the spiritual aspiration and effort (Heru)) through which Aset reveals the inner nature of Ra as the reality and the soul now re-awoken contends with its Aryu until order and truth is perfected. “