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Heru m Akhet looking to the horizon and the dawning sun


Firstly, this was a very good summary of all you received in this lesson These foundational teachings which include historical items, items related to other religions like how Christianity came into being relate because once Rome became Christian, the religion of Ancient Egypt went underground. So well done and this give you a foundation for moving further and being able to let go of certain issues that may be lingering in the mind about those items that can hold you back. Now to your questions.

1-The ritual is of promoting purity of body externally and internally so physical purity and purity of the inside as well including the organs, nervous system and mind. Many people can have the appearance of external purity but lack internal so will fail on the spiritual path.


2-It is not a practice in Kemetic/Neterian religion, to revere the preceptor in such a way. That is more of a Hindu tradition. What is enjoined in a dedication to the tutelary divinity. Additionally then there is acknowledgement and respect of the teacher. See more on this in the Devotional worship manual.


3-The names of the 9 parts of the personality carry with them certain vibration and they can theoretically be used in such a fashion although it is not done. There is a practice done similar to that with the Sefekh Ba Ra or psycho-spiritual consciousness centers otherwise known as chakras in Hindu Kundalini practice but that is not taught in this Kemet 101 course.


4-The practice of the hekau with breath is an advanced teaching requiring philosophical preparation as well as physiological preparation including time in study and integration of the teaching, the vegetarian diet and mental stability. Usually it is part of an advanced Level 3 course. For now the ideal is to become seated in a balanced shedy practice including devotion, wisdom, ethics and meditation along with adoption of the Kemetic Diet. In terms of preparation, the rhythmic with hekau is appropriate.


5-The Medtu Neter is a language of self-knowledge and transcendental knowledge. This includes the knowledge of the constitution of the human being and the constituent parts of the personality, not DNA as such but the foundation and source of it, which is the higher reality. It is the language of discovering who you are and not just what you are. The DNA is what composes the what. That only related to the khat or physical.


6- No the summaries are not too long and they allow you to express your understanding and if there is anything needing comment or correction or confirmation it I good to see the greater contexts of your reasonings for better communication.