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Interactive Lesson 3 – Level 1

Response to post No 6373 (Jason Wilson)


I share your reference to the importance of spiritual aspect of Yoga against a tendency to neglect that aspect in favor of sole physical benefits. Over times, particularly in Western culture, importance is given to individual benefit of yoga as it relates to stress reduction and overall impact on physical health. That limits the capacity of the individual to reach higher consciousness as the mind is directed only to egoistic gain with a focus on external manifestation. It is not to undermine the benefits of Yoga in physical areas however, they should not be affirmed without the understanding of the ultimate goal to attain NEHAST.

I like your reference to the cult of ancestors as it is practiced in India while ethical aspects of the teachings are being neglected. We can find a similar pattern when considering practices related to traditional African religion. In the same topic, during his lecture at Manchester (England), Sebai MAA highlighted to the audience the need for Africans to seek for higher power instead of sole reliance on the cult of ancestors who in some cases may have not been enlightened during their lives. The seeking of true and permanent power along with the practice of MAAT will help transcending worldly consciousness and allow restoring African culture to its highest level.

Your reference on the ultimate goal of spiritual practice is right on point. The teaching of Shetaut Neter is very clear about what it is that we need to achieve as a spiritual aspirant. In that sense, as you said, detachment as a mental process is important to free up the mind from worldly entanglement and be able to have direct mystical experience leading one to affirm and realize: “Nuk pu Nuk ASAR NETER” (I am that I am).