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Dua Sebai Maa, in response to #6886 and #6888

Uashu, I feel great appreciation for the preceptorship and the words shared. Thank you for taking the time to respond to some of these things added on here.

First, in reading through the response I have found the most critical points are that my experiences relate to my search for the truth, that the experience relates more to my aryu then to “others”, and that the way the issue is viewed or discussed has not been a true dissatisfaction but has only been part of that process which if deepend can be used to lead to true detachment as well as growing wisdom into the spiritual path beyond the inherent problems of duality present in the body-mind-world.

Second, I have used this issue I feel in a positive way to deeply examine the nature of duality/world and problems inherent in it, leading me to better understand the inherent half-truth/issues present in all time-space, body-mind forms, people, objects, and experience. Through meditation combined with the contemplation of the issues in this experience not only social issues but also internal issues of views-identification-attachments-passions, etc present in my own aryu I have been able to deepen my understanding of aryu. Also with this I have been able to get a deeper understanding of negative aryu (hellish conditions), positive aryu (heavely conditions), and develop a insight and interest into oneness with the divine/transcendental(beyond rebirth into either condition) while continuing to practice cultivating positive aryu. This relates to the preceptorship given in the above replies that have allowed me to better understand where I was or have been in this social issue and continually reinforcing the personal spiritual journey to enlightenment. With much dua…