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just a brief note to add that all human beings, even “perfected” sages have to deal with the violence of the world. Perhaps it might manifest as someone angry and yelling at them; perhaps it might manifest as their having an accident or getting caught up in a storm; perhaps they might step on an ant, etc, etc. So there is no absolute perfection in time and space because where there is duality there is always imperfection. Now, since sages dont identify with the body or time and space, they are above the happenings of time and space and thus neither troubled or bound by the events of time and space. Therefore, as stated earlier, the ideal is not perfection in time and space as that is impossible. The goal is doing the best as ethically possible to promote peace and harmony to the extent possible as a foundation for meditation and inner intuition so as to reach perfection in terms of realizing the spiritual nature of existence. This is the goal of the shedy disciplines and the heart of Shetaut Neter Egyptian Mysteries.