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The placebo effect is certainly a real phenomenon. That said, there is no placebo for breakfast, lunch or dinner so if you dont consume something you physically die, just as if you dont consume good mental food you get dullness of mind and pathological mind; wihout good brain food you get strokes, alzheimers and go mind and brain dead. So too without true soul food (meditation and intuitional wisdom) your soul dies. This means that there is a mental component of health, nutrition and healing that requires actual food material and actual medicines for some aspects of health and there are other issues that require a mental perspective and will and not actual medicine; in other words the healing occurs through will, positive feeling and faith. So humans live in a world mixed with physical, mental and spiritual aspects so it is no surprise that health and well-being requires elements of those three aspects for total health and not the way that allopathic western medicine believes, only through drugs or physical medicines.