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Bastu Baket


Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

In Verse 13 the term “ren Neter Shepsy” resonated with me as now Aset refers to the saintly, exalter, spiritual name of Ra. For me this confirms that through her deep meditation she goes beyond the time and space, ego Ra to the Transcendental, All-Encompassing aspect. If found the hieroglyphs clear and moving, evoking the sense of Aset’s deep meditations that lead her to move further and deeper wishing her meditation and beyond. There is one determinative that looks like Asar sitting on his throne which impressed me as Aset find Asar, the soul. Also in the Lamentations of Aset from the Book of Commemorative Words to Be Said By the Two Sisters in the House of Asar Sebai Maa explained a hieroglyph of two women who are mourning “Haity”. They (Aset and Nebehet) are making a call of mourning, not with speech but with deep feeling, devotion and reviving for Asar. So these two hieroglyphs allowed me to reflect deeper on Aset’s qualities which are needed to succeed as she did.

Shems Baket