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1. Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

The hieroglyphic term that touched me the most in this lesson is related to the term “Ka,” symbolized by two arms raised in an upward gesture and defined as “Conscious mind and desires.” The particular term that resonated with me was “Ka ab,” meaning “Deep thought in the heart.” In other words deep meditation and reflection. The concept of Ka ab in this lesson comes in the context of verse 12 in the scripture and is translatd by Sebai Maa thus:

“Aset thought deeply about the issue (concentration) then more deeply, now going into the depths of Her own heart (meditation) and concluded it should be possible to accomplish this lofty goal by becoming wise as to the…”

The reason that I was so touched on a personal level by the term “Ka ab” is because, of late, I have been consciously more active about deeply “going into the depths” of my own heart to seek out the unchartered territory that awaits discovery. This requires, as pointed out previously, concentration, meditation, and I would add reflection and, above all, honesty. What “ka ab” serves to do is bring me to a still, motionless state in which I can see with greater clarity that which holds me back from my spiritual goals and must be resolved to move forward. In this way, through ka ab, I am allowing my heart (ab) to empower my soul (ba) to take the lead rather than the ego.


Shems Heryt