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I think this has been an overall very good insightful view of the spiritual journey of the aspirant, the work that must be done to be successful, its challenges and the ultimate goal.

You are directed to look at, at least 2 postings by other students relating to this same lesson on this page and or the archive page and pay particular attention to the advice given about initiation and the initiatic process.


“Having a teacher, the aspirant will be able to ask questions if asked with humility and honesty. This way will dispel subtle forms of ignorance. The student who is initiated has chosen to adopt the teaching and base their life on it. They accomplish this through purifying the mind and body through study, reflection, and meditating on the teaching. Through this, the aspirant opens their selves up to deeper spiritual experiences.”


It is important to understand that a spiritual teacher can only help an aspirant to the level which they are ready to be helped. Even if Aset came down from the Astral plane in person and tried to teach people, the same issues would arise because people HAVE TO work through their psychological issues and cleanse their unconscious aryu in order to be able to have clarity; so even if they have heard the teaching several times, the teaching will not be effective until there is clarity of mind, which is purity of heart. This is therefore a process of continuous shedy.



“During the trek, the student will realize how much they are not in shape as they thought they were in. Because striving to reach the destination requires work.”


Indeed, due to ignorance, delusion, pride and narcissism, most people think they are better than they are and overlook their shortcomings while elevating their good qualities beyond their true level. Therefore, an essential aspect of the spiritual path is humility. Nechen or humility may be said to be one of if not the most important qualities of an aspirant since this quality disarms the ego’s capacity to assert its vanity and illusory value over the soul. Humility is the door to inner peace, and clarity because it allows introspection and circumspection of oneself, to be able to see oneself in an eye of scrutiny that makes possible the sanity of seeing and accepting one’s shortcomings and egoistic tendencies and thereby deal with them. Otherwise what one refuses or incapable of seeing can fester and cloud if not atrophy the intellectual capacities necessary to traverse the spiritual course.

Well done




“HUMILITY is a greater virtue than defying death; it triumphs over vanity and conceit; conquer them in yourself first!”