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Behudet Maat

<Kemetic 101 Lesson 6
Video 1 A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard:

1.Religion: (1) Myth (2) Ritual (3) Mysticism
2.Program of African Religion: (1) storytelling (2) Ritual (3) ecstasy transcendental experience
3.Program of Smai Tawi: (1) listening (2) reflecting (3) meditation
4. Types of myths: (1) Creation (2) Heroic (3) Moral-teaching, Parables-Proverbs.
5. Key to understand myths: (1) not just for ancients (2) written in the form of a journey (3) understanding from living myth (4) not just entertainment (5) transcendental principles.

Common principles:
Supreme Being
Lesser Beings
Humans imperfect
Rituals purify
Ideal-Discover God

GOD and the Universe are one is the very fabric or substratum of African Religion.

Hetheru means spirit living in the house.
The African Kemetic symbol of the sun was adopted by Kabbalist for their 6th sephirah on their tree of life and from my studies of Kabbalah much more has been diffused into K/C/Qabalism. The Hindu Bindu comes from the kamitic sun symbol the point of Creation in time and space. Everything came from the dead and modern physicists are now confirming this teaching with their Big Bang Theory and the Big Bang is said to have come from a single point, this is what was taught in ancient Egypt over ten thousand years ago as evidence by the symbol for Hetheru and the sun symbol.
In eastern religious and spiritual systems the Supreme Being related to God and the universe being one while Western religions doesn’t share this practice they see that as being separate from creation.

As Christianity developed there were several groups of followers that were Loosely following what they called Christianity were in Greece, some in Italy, some in turkey and some in Rome. The ones in Rome were able to get close to the emperor’s after being persecuted for three hundred years. Afterwards they were adopted as the religion. That particular sect of Christianity were accepted as the main and only version of Christianity that would be allowed. The Roman army made sure that by forcefully stopping any other forms of religion. But the ones in Egypt did as they buried their Scrolls to protect them from being destroyed. The Gnostic speak of mysticism and this was left out of the Canon of Christian teachings. The three main world religions all have in mystical aspect that is not practiced by their orthodox adherence within Christianity it’s gnosticism Within Islam it’s Sufism and within Judaism it’s Kabbalah. Orthodox practice must move into mystical practice otherwise you’ll just be left with myths and rituals and this doesn’t allow you to connect with the mystical experience.
People don’t want to get into a religion like Shetaut Neter or Kabbalah, Hinduism Etc because they want to live a secular life. They see religion and morality as an obstacle to their secular lives they want to be rich, powerful, con artists, the things it takes to get these worldly attainments are contrary to Nature and morality.
2 Reasons Why religion is important what do you like it or not you are affected by people who are religious, religious Fanatics as well as people who are secular Fanatics are dangerous, another reason is that if you believe in life and want to live having family loved ones etc then whether you want to believe it or not you believe in God who is all-encompassing. Ecstasy in African religion is akin to mysticism. If you were to practice certain musical beats, certain chance, certain visualisations based on the miss you heard, that will leave you to transcend physical time and space and that’s called ecstasy, and in the practice of yoga meditation this happens as well. Movements and actions of the characters of The myth is serious business African rituals and storytelling are going on. Children may be laughing and playing and singing and dancing and reinforcing of the month but what is happening is the myth being practiced and reinforced in the personality coming into a physical mental and spiritual experience of the myth that is what the ritual is. Myth allows you to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to find out what life is all about and our purpose and how to do it.

Rhetoric is a part of western philosophy, it’s the art of confusing the mind and not addressing an issue.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why?
A myth is not a lie the term myth and metaphor are closely related a metaphor is like an analogy that gives you an understanding of something that is not empirical like the statement “that person was acting like a lion” there are common principles that all men must have. Alex Huxley mention the perennial philosophy. Myths are not just from the ancients there are transcendental principles that are true in the present and the future. They have teachings and wisdom we have to learn about the Universe and it’s origins, they are written in the form of a journey usually where the hero grows into to the triumphant Victor spiritually. The people in The Mystic stories are actually metaphors for the reader weather Jesus with his statement of the Kingdom of Heaven is within you or I and the father are one or statements by Buddha or Krishna etc. All of us had this Consciousness within us. Rituals of the key and reflection. Ritual is when you live the myth in order to realize its higher meaning, you cannot understand it if you aren’t living it. Living it means practicing their rituals reflecting on the teaching. Virtue is what the ritual leads us to.

The reason this is important is because it the myths of all religion become clearer through this identification of the reader to the attributes and growth of the hero or saviour in the stories and that self identification with the divine through the qualities they share with the hero/saviour.

Video 2 lesson 6 the great truths of shetaut neter
1 prostrate before the altar.
2. Uncover your alter.
3. Lighting of the candle which symbolizes the light of the dividing cell called Akhu (spirit). You are lighting the spirit Within.
4. Lighting the sentence using special incense using special incense of Kush land of the Gods and Goddesses. The fragrance of the incense represents your personality. You are to bring your personality and through the fragrance of your personality, righteousness,virtue and truth that fragrance rises up to the Divine. This is what you’re offering to the Divine so that the Divine can reciprocate to you and bring you prosperity and enlightenment.
5. Next is the pouring of libation libation and kinetic ritual is a continuous pouring from one vessel to another or from one vessel to the ground / Earth continuous horn symbolizes the continuous practice of mental thoughts in the direction of the Divine as opposed to thought towords the world.
6. Food offering
7. Spoken offerings is a special Kemetic chant. Chants are called Hekau, Hekau means words of power that will transform the mind, they transform creation and they transform your personality. If these words are uttered with the power, understating and with feeling, they will transform your life and lead you to spiritual enlightenment which is the goal of the teaching.
Hekau is offered 4 times. Four times symbolizes creation in the north, south, east and west. When you do something four times it encompasses the whole of creation and it makes it effective, only doing it 3 times you leave a side open in which problems may come in from that open side which you don’t want, thus you protect yourself in the south, north, west and east by the Hekau 4 times.
1000 beef and 1000 geese is symbolic, this is an astral Hetep slab. Hetep/Hotep is actually an offering table, an offering table has a rolled up mat a loaf loaf of bread some beef and a goose libation is poured on the Hetep slab. So the water on the two sides mixes and comes down the center, this symbolizes the unity from duality. You are giving of maleness and femaleness. You’re giving up the opposites, you are giving up the separation between you and spirit when this is done over the offering your friend becomes sanctified. Shetaut Neter means hidden Divinity. This is the ancient African name for the term religion. It means they hid in the way of the Divine self or how to know the Divine self.
Rekh needs to know and once something is known it’s not a mystery anymore. Why should we try to know something? Someone to know because they are interested in the iconography, some are interested because they are older and more mature and are looking for something deeper in their lives some kind of deeper spirituality. Some are searching but they are not mature so their search is not mature or either. It’s very exciting like soda they’ll come to see the nice cars but when it comes down to really work on oneself the child or childishness emerges.
The Ancient kemetic Temple has three separate sections. (1) outer court of the temple is the world of Mortals, the first intersection symbolizes that you are aspiring You’re saying you want this teaching. The Next Room is for the initiates and this is where those were striving receive the higher philosophy that is given to those who have qualified themselves for those teachings. The next section is the inner sanctum also called the holy of holies by some, this is where one joins the ranks of the Gods, these are those who have pierced the veil of Aset and received the light or become enlightened.
The question was asked to watch you to come here? There are those people who present offerings and still aren’t allowed in even though the door was open. There are spiritual forces preventing them from entering. The very Act of being here in the outer Court at the first level is a High attainment. Most people haven’t even made it this far and won’t with in this lifetime. Your age is not the criteria for acceptance into the Shetaut Neter. The question is one of your maturity. The kind of maturity being emphasized is expressed in the Kemetic proverb: ” morals are judged by Deeds”. Ask yourself how do you follow the teachings and implement the disciplines into your life? Everyone wants happiness and are searching for it but there’s an ancient kemetic Proverb that states “seeking happiness in the world is the pursuit of an illusion”. If you think about it, one day everything you are fighting for will be gone. There’s a saying men your time but time fears the pyramids what ever you do at the end it’s going to Parish. The teachings have the answers to your questions of life and your purpose. Usually when a person thinks of Happiness it’s about something you can “do” but when you can’t do something you are unhappy, this is societies ignorance and its concept of Happiness yet how can something that is impermanent(i.e your ephemeral happiness) be real and true? Truth is defined as that which is unchanging. Whatever has a beginning has an end, but what does not have a beginning or an end? What is it in you that has been sustained since the day you were born and will be when you die? In ancient kemetic theology there is a term called Nun or Paut. This is primeval stuff and it is what everything is composed of. This is before the teachings of modern physics which says everything is composed of energy. This “stuff” appears to be in different forms because of various vibration. You have something in you that is Transcendental, that is absolute, that is constant. There is a kemetic proverb “body to Earth Soul To Heaven”.

The first Great Expressions that the Supreme Being is one. There’s one Divinity behind all creation that Divinity manifests as gods and goddesses meaning Cosmic forces, Energies. We must realize the one that’s behind all, we must See Beyond the illusions of the senses that makes the appearance of separateness, now, how did we fall into these illusions of the senses? This brings us to the second of the great truths which expresses that unrighteousness leads to the Fetters of set and that causes ignorance of our higher nature. In the creation myths it is said in the beginning human beings were spirits and they were sent Earth by Ra and lived for hundreds even thousands of years and then they begin to become arrogant and the gods and goddesses informed Ra and Ra gave the humans watery encasements (the body is mostly water) how to give a certain kind of limitations. Along with that limitation Ra gave one of his daughters charge to help people so that they can be on the righteous path which will lead them to freedom from their watery encasements and that daughter is Maat.
The deviation from Maat “an Maat” has led to a situation where we are caught up in the desires of the body, feelings and the senses of the body, thus,we are slaves, that called fetters or vices such as anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, Envy, gluttony, dishonesty, hypocrisy, etc. That is Set who is the Divinity of the ego personality, so that unrighteousness has opened the door to those fetters, through the venue of your body that prevents you from having the all-encompassing vision of where you come from and that causes khemn “ignorance”. Khemn is a pun on the word kemet which means Blackland or Darkness, Darkness of ignorance. Fair is another kemetic proverbs that says “there is no Darkness like the darkness of ignorance”. You can be in Pitch blackness in a room and that is not as dark as the darkness of ignorance of your true nature, of your true self. The difference in the darkness in the room and the Darkness of ignorance is in the room you can sit and breathe and wonder where you are but in the darkness of ignorance you’re going to fall into all kinds of situations that are going to lead you into pain and sorrow. If you think your situation is bad it could always be worse. It’s a struggle but the third great truth will lead you to overcome that struggle Uashu means Devotion to the divine, if you have devotion in your life then that causes Nafu (freedom/ the ability to breath) for the free from The Mummy wraps which have you bound up and causes limitation. Devotion to the divine causes your mummy wraps or fetters to open up while Devotion to the world and the unrighteousness opens up the World of Pain. Uashu what Devotion to the divine means turning your life towards the Divine, but what is the Divine? Instead of trying to know what it means to have a big bank account, you are seeking to know what it means to have Divinity in your life, goodness, peace and that is what allows you to break the cycle of your ignorance and to be free from the fetters, and how is this? The answer is by way of the great truth number 4. If you have Devotion to the Divine that means you’re going to practice the disciplines or live in the way the Divine States for you to live called Ari Shedy which is doing the Shedy disciplines which are 4 in number: 1 listening to the teachings 2 devotion to the Divine which are the rituals, divine singing, chants as well as 3 loving others as yourself and love nature not lying being virtuous(Maat) 4 meditation, if you do all these things and don’t practice meditation all these things are going to lead to a certain level of Purity entertainment but you’re not going to break through that glass screen that’s there, you have to break through into the next realm of being. The goal of the teaching is given in the Mist and philosophical teaching. Ritual is the aspect of spirituality that supports them in the rituals are the rituals of Resurrection.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why? There are three basic realms of existence. 1. physical realm, this is the round most people are here and are afraid to go further than this realm. 2. Next realm is the DUAT or the astral plane which you encounter when you dream, when you have waking Visions you are also in the astral plane. In the astral plane you can commune with the gods and goddesses you can have sages come and teach you you may also see your spiritual preceptor at that time. 3. The third is the causal plane which is called casual because that is where the seed that causes the rest of your existence comes from. It causes the thought in your mind the astral plane and that don’t need you to an action in the physical world, that’s the unconscious level. So the physical is waking, the astral plane is the subconscious and the causal plane is the unconscious. Within that unconscious level is a Fourth plane that is not really a plane it’s transcendental, it doesn’t exist in time or space it’s called Yanrutef and that is located deep within the heart of the unconscious mind and those who attain that level are able to see the nature of the Divine and their Oneness with creation and if you have that experience long enough to complete illusion of time and space is transcended. The reason why this is important is because we exist within all three realms simultaneously unbeknown to most. So the knowledge of these realms and the practices of the Shedy disciplines that expand your conscious awareness of them will prepare you for when you will be able to perceive these planes the more you vibrate on the various gross and subtle levels of them.

C-Note any questions you may have:
1. What is the symbolic meaning of the portion of the devotional prayer that states ” I have washed my front parts with the waters of libation, I have cleansed my hinder parts with drugs which make wholly clean and my inward parts have been washed in the liquor of Maat”?
2. I set up an offering table to you Sebai MAA and Seba Dja and have been giving offerings, adorations to you both in the south, north west and east prayers for your ankh Udja and Seneb in the 4 directions as well. Is this satisfactory or is there a prescribed offering from aspirant to spiritual preceptor outside of the devotional program?
3. Are the 9 parts of the spirit BA,KA,KHAT,AB,KHAIBIT,KHU,SAHU, SEKHEM,REN tones like seed sounds that can be chanted daily to aide in spiritual evolution?
4. In the mysteries of the kybolion book it emphasises Hekau and how Aset was vibrating on such a high level that she was in essence able to perform literal alchemy at will (if I’m not misinterpreting the teachings) and she transformed herself in order to trick Set who was not being just about who should be ruler between Heru and himself. The text also mentions the very powerful effects of doing the rhythmic breathing and Hekau for 2-3 hours and it lasting for weeks, now I’m strict on myself about going by the book with ritual and devotion by you as my spiritual preceptor and doing what I’m told to do until I know what to do so here’s my question, is it ok on 2 days per week to do the alternate nose breathing for an hour then Hekau for an hour instead of the devotional worship since when doing my devotion it takes on average 1 hour 20 minutes-2 hours?
5. I have a few books on medtu neter and and slowly (very slowly)picking up on this sacred script and language I was informed some years back that language is the key to unlocking the mysteries within your DNA how true is this statement and I don’t want to mix any other system with shetaut neter so is it ok to study other books that have basics of Medu Neter such as alphabets, and general conversations?
6. Are my summaries on the lectures too long?