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2. #6818 What I liked the most about this post is that it is an issue that we all face and it is of paramount importance to our success on the spiritual path . Shems Yashi states “If one can learn to consistently control one’s mental perceptions and associated actions, embodying divine truth, one can overcome ari.” The response by Sebai Maa was that this is the key to success and it depends on one’s personality and whether it is lucid, agitated, or dull. When I first read this it made me think of the AEP- “It takes a strong disciple to rule over the mountainous thoughts and constantly go to the essence of the meaning: as mental complexity increases, thus will the depth of your decadence and challenge both be revealed.” Through my reflections so far to combat the restless mind the answer is purification through your selected method of ritual practice.. i.e. wisdom, devotion, action, meditation. But as purity increases mental agitation decreases.

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