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Bastu Baket

TTOA Lesson 5

List the important points in this lecture:

This lecture was full of juicy wisdom as it contained the main elements of how Aset is using her intuitional wisdom to fulfill her ultimate goal. Sebai Maa reminded us that the intuitional mind stops creation, stops time and space using special utterances (hekau) to reach that state in meditation communing with the Transcendental Divine. You must have a certain amount of clarity and purity to cleanse the accumulated Aryu along with understanding of the philosophy for glimpses or visions of this transcendental awareness to occur.

Aset uses Kha-k Ab to turn herself inward away from worldly desires, attainments etc. to begin her journey. The next important step is Antet-Begag, relentlessness. Sebai Maa gave us a bonus scripture from the Pert M Heru The Hymn to Asar where we see how Aset did not rest as long as Asar was not found. So too we must not rest until we find Asar (soul). This also introduced us to “an Chen” not only being relentless but “not stopping; not alighting” Another bonus scripture was given from the Book of Commemorative Words to be Said by the Two Sisters (Aset and Nebehet) in the House of Asar. “Ah! in Aset Djed s mai er per-k An mai er per-k” contextually translated as: “Special utterance of devotion spoken by Aset “Come to your house, oh Anu the first and singular place of Creation. Come to your house!” I found this a very moving verse as Aset is saying lamentations with deep feeling and devotion, love and return of spirit to revive Asar. The two sisters, Aset-purified mind and Nebehet- purified body have the power to bring the soul back, meaning Oneness-Anu. So as Sebai Maa mentioned the scripture was giving us a “double whammy” with Antet Begag and An Chen meaning these two aspects must also be applied along with Kha-k Ab on our spiritual journey to find what Aset found that which is true and abiding not changeable as in the physical world.

In Verse 13 “Ren Neter shepsy” Divine Name of Ra, Sebai Maa explained we should understand this as Ra is the exoteric name and that there is another Divine name that is to be found and known. So Aset is seeking what is sanctified, saintly, true and abiding.

I found Verse 18 “Pagas n su secher her satyu sek n s Aset” “That saliva of Ra Tem was falling voluminously now on the faces of persons, flooding all over the land, exposed to half the sky, knowing it significance Aset collected it for herself” to be most important as well. Here the ‘satyu” or drool is now pouring out of Ra Tem and is everywhere as Aset observes and now starts collecting it. I have been very blessed in this lifetime to witness some gorgeous sunsets but after hearing this verse see them now for more than just beauty but as an opportunity to collect just as Aset did the energy beyond the beauty. I remember Sebai Maa saying at one time that he used to maybe still does, put water out in the sun to collect the solar emanations. Now I see this as why not put myself out there to do the same thing? It may not always be possible but I try to do it as much as I can but also in the correct context, with purity and righteousness in spirit in other words.

Now that Aset has collected this special energy she starts to knead it, mold it in Verse 20 “m djedfty shepsy ari n set m” “In the form of a spiritually consecrated serpent making it for/to herself in the form of” ” So she is molding a Taffy Shepsy or sacred serpent, revered serpent meaning she is transforming herself into that Taffy Shepsy in a metaphorical sense. She is mixing spirit with matter. What will she do as this sacred serpent? This is most important as now she has that one pointed concentration with power to penetrate (bite) Ra to know his true essence not the outward (exoteric) Ra but what is within Ra being one with Ra.

So with this lesson we learn the tools Aset uses in her listening, reflection and meditation, now our task is to not only emulate Aset but become Aset and do as she had done. Dua Sebai Maa for this glorious teaching!

Shems Baket