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Level 1 Lesson 1 Reading Assignment Pages 10-20
1. What is the relationship between the Egyptians and the Ethiopians?
a. The ancient Egyptians were colonists from Ethiopia. They are the same people.
2. Who were the Ancient Egyptians?
a. A colony of Kush “Black land of the south” who came to the Northeast part of Qamit “Black land of the North.
3. What is Yoga Philosophy?
a. Egyptian religion – Shetaut Neter
b. Yoga was practiced in Egypt earlier than any other in history was. It was developed in Africa over seven thousand years ago. It is the highest philosophical system, which provides a new way to look at life, religion the discipline of psychology and the way to spiritual development leading to spiritual enlightenment. Egyptian mythology is to be understood as a system of yoga, which is a union of one’s soul with the Universal soul. This then gives every individual insight into their own divine nature; it does provide a more profound understanding of other religions and Yoga systems.
4. What is initiation?
a. Initiation is more of an embarking on a journey of spiritual living, which will lead to spiritual enlightenment.
5. What is the Initiatic Way of Education?
a. The Temple system of education provided the needs of Ancient Egypt for over 5000 years. Traditionally the teachings of yoga and spirituality have been passed down through the teacher/student (Guru, Spiritual Preceptor/Initiate) relationship.
b. A student/aspirant is much like an athlete. Therefore, the Teacher is like a coach. The teacher has already mastered the lower nature and knows how to mentor the aspirant. Spiritual enlightenment is hard work and requires study, practice, and understanding. These activities will lead to purification of the heart. It is not acquired through magic or unnatural methods. However, if in previous lifetimes you studied and practiced spirituality that will benefit your success in this lifetime.
c. Spiritual growth can be accomplished by reading books written by authentic Preceptors. However, growth will be limited unless the aspirant has an authentic Preceptor. Having a teacher, the aspirant will be able to ask questions if asked with humility and honesty. This way will dispel subtle forms of ignorance. The student who is initiated has chosen to adopt the teaching and base their life on it. They accomplish this through purifying the mind and body through study, reflection, and meditating on the teaching. Through this, the aspirant opens their selves up to deeper spiritual experiences.
6. How does the Kemetic Yoga Councelor help the seeker?
a. The Teacher must help the student redirect their current state of mind (anguish, disappointment, and pain because of their experience in the world) into a desire to rise above the world. Much like a lotus raises out of the muddy waters. The Teacher helps the student get on a path free of entanglements of the world. This spiritual system is called a Shedy in the Kemetic language. It helps the student develop a healthy dispassion for the world.
7. How should a beginning spiritual aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants?
a. The student should look at these three levels, Aspiration, Striving, and Established as markers on the path forward on their spiritual evolution. To begin the journey a student already aspires to make this trek so there is already some experience of an awakening of the spiritual self. At this level, finding the correct path “becoming conscious of the divine presence within one’s self and the Universe” will lead to the desired destination, and is essential for a safe and successful journey.
b. During the trek, the student will realize how much they are not in shape as they thought they were in. Because striving to reach the destination requires work. At this point, they will want to unload unnecessary items that they now realize they do not need “Purging the self by purification of mind and body through spiritual discipline” and “surrendering their ego to the divine inner self”. By doing this they will get a glimpse of their destination, which in this journey is a glimpse of cosmic consciousness and will give them the strength to finish what they started out to do.
c. Being established is like arriving at the destination. Which is union with the divine self, achieving illumination of the intellect, and having experience and appreciation of the divine presence during reflection and meditation.