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Toxic Environments


For expanded understanding of the meaning of the prayer/chant: “Hotep di se neter ir mettu wadj” : see posting #6845

Indeed, two of the most important negative foods to be stopped immediately are meats and refined sugars of all kinds including fructose, etc.

About your statement:

“A spiritual aspirant must pursue a higher culture, spiritual culture in order to allow spiritual life and pursuits to succeed.

First Principle: The true source of disease is not external.”

As a proviso, disease can come from an external environment, like the smog in Beijing or the radiation spewing out of nuclear power plants around the world including Fukushima but also around the USA like Hanford and Turkey Point in Homestead, which is close to Miami. These are external sources but who created them and who chooses to stay near them? for whatever reason. The individual is responsible for their life, however the aryu dominates their life. Seems contradictory but yet it is true; A person chooses the aryu either consciously or unconsciously, that will become part of their unconscious storehouse of driving forces for future action. Therefore, this drives whether a person will stay in a toxic environment say because they do not want to leave family or they have a job there or they don’t want to leave their country. Aryu controls all of that by the nature and force of the thoughts, feelings and desires compelling those actions. If a person is able to gain a certain level of maturity [freedom] from the force compelling them from their unconscious, then they can make [free] choices and indeed do what is necessary to be free from the negative exposure be it to smog, a toxic relationship or toxic food in the form of negative messages from television, etc.


On silence: indeed, there is nothing like the silence of flowering wisdom the expands mind beyond time and space and the senses. This is the womb of true humanity and not the mayhem and barbarism we have now. It is the seed of enlightening experience.

“Wisdom that understands in silence; this is the matter and the womb from which humanity is born, and the True Good the seed.”



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