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This is a good summary of the main tenets of the Kemetic Diet.

For better understanding of the meaning of the prayer/chant: “Hotep di se neter ir mettu wadj” :

It is not just that an offering is made in exchange for the granting of health. A closer look signals that offering “HETEP is more than a physical offering. In the higher sense it means offering one’s unrest and individuality in exchange for peace that causes a temperate and balanced way of life that automatically avoids ukhedu. When we offer hetep we are offering balance instead of duality, harmony instead of conflict. Duality leads to conflict and conflict is a starting point of obstruction in the nervous system, vascular system, digestive system, etc, that leads to a myriad of forms of disease processes causing inflammations, blockages and all manner of diseases of the body, mind and or soul. So, what we offer is what we receive and in a higher sense we are the gods and goddesses we are offering to and we are receiving our own offering to ourselves. This understanding is elaborated in more advanced courses of study.

About the issue of cereals, if they are part of a healthy diet and not the mainstay, and if they are organic and gluten free, then it should not be a problem to have a portion of the diet composed of cereals.

About your statement:

“I abstain from meats and animal products. I also abstain from intoxicants such as alcohol and drugs. I eat all-natural foods, and organic as much as possible. I avoid negative personalities, and strive for complete elimination of negative qualities such as anger, jealousy, fear, and impatience within myself. I practice the Shedy disciplines for spiritual purification.”

Here you have outlined the most ukhedu forming toxins of body mind and soul and what is left is the best foods for body mind and soul. Very good.


On the issue of “pulses,” Plutarch was probably referring to certain kinds and we do not have a specific record of which. In the original KD book I included a footnote containing a definition of the term [see below] and indeed for the most part pulses are part of and in line with the KD system. So personal research should be done as to which ones are most appropriate and make sure that one does not have a individual reaction to them individually. Nevertheless pulses are ok.

[pulse n. 1. The edible seeds of certain pod-bearing plants, such as peas and beans. 2. A plant yielding these seeds. (American Heritage Dictionary)]


“The body becomes what the foods are, as the spirit becomes what the thoughts are.”



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