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Addition to my post #6801

On my last paragraph on issues with “idealic” communities. I wanted to add that the communities I was discussing are those that have an idealic vision and pursue it but the joys sought after are not often found. The part I did not add is that the other options is the peace brought on by yoga practice and I would assume – enlightenment. In either the audio or video for this lesson Sebai Maa mentioned the way around these issues is using preceptorship-authentic teaching and using this to elevate ourselves. When I am living simply and moderately, doing postures, meditating, walking and reciting hekau, reflecting on the teachings, practicing hekau and reflection while at work etc the peace that I experience by going deeper into these while constantly asserting detachment from all appearances as being “real”, the feeling of peace in that experience is truly joyous living and Uashu and is greater then any form of idealic community and also goes beyond attachments to positive externalities or repulsion from negative externalities. That positive feeling of peace and fulfillment can be experienced just as strong when a negative externality is occurring or a positive one. The life of a spiritual aspirant is the life worth living if one wants to experience the true joys of life – in my experience. The joys of peace and fulfillment experienced in moments of self-realization can become perennial by continuing to go beyond appearances and become at one with spirit at all times through an abiding self-knowledge and purifying the ab and our entanglements. When positive experiences occur like nice weather, extended time to practice, increased good associations, less attachment, freedom from an unhealthy habit etc these are experienced but from a a detached perspective and are even more fulfilling but not in an agitating way and when negative experience or uncomfortable experiences occur they toss us around less or for a shorter period of time – and more time is experienced in the peace and fulfillment of self-realization in either positive or negative experiences. This type of understanding I feel is shown on the cover of “Growing Beyond Hate” where worldy love and anger lead one way and wisdom leads the other way.