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We may take this analogy of a wall composed of bricks, that blocks our path in life further indeed.

Consider that the analogy of the brick refers to, effectively, any atom, in Creation that is blocking the true vision of what lies beyond. If you were to concentrate one-pointedly it is going to that atom, any atom in time and space will do since all are manifestations of the same being that is their substratum and all are windows into the nature of self if passed through; this is the veil of Creation. Consider that the aforesaid refers to Aset and the veil is the appearance of the outer form of the wall or an atom, like a mirage, appearing to be real and yet being illusory, and effective only because of one’s belief in its reality, in other words, holding on to it because of desire and passion for it. Passion means infatuation with form and relationship. So the deluded person has a relationship with the object and is mesmerized by the objects form. Take away the relationship and or the illusoriness and what do you have? Aset revealed, i.e. the Self and with it enlightenment.
Aset Veiled

Aset Veiled

Now lest go even further; lets do away with the very idea of the supposed reality of the atoms, the physical Creation all together, since it is all illusory modification of Nun, which is undifferentiated matter. The undifferentiated nature underlying matter is unformed and therefore not opaque like formed matter. The illusory modification of the undifferentiated matter that causes the mind to see it as an object instead of as Ra/Nun, is due to passion produced by a preponderance of negative aryu in the heart (ab). Therefore, khak-ab, dispelling the idea that anything in Creation is to be assigned the label of “real” brings down the curtain, or the veil and leads to the same destination, i.e. nehast. Then it is realized that there never was a “real” wall or veil. The problem was always in the distorted vision and not in Creation. The distortion is due to passion, termed “shems-ab” or “following the desires of the (impure) heart”.

Aset Veiledshems-ab



So what is needed is

Aset Veiled

se-abu” or “to purify” thoughts, words, deeds.



To purify what is needed is righteous action in the form of “shemsu neter” or following spirit instead of the egoistic heart, with:

Aset Veiled


saar or “ethical/moral/true/reasoned actions” in life.


Indeed, the road of the aspirant can be hard and there is the scientific solution:

saar + khak-ab + antet begag + an chen = Maakheru = Nehast

reasoned ethical living with dispassion/detachment practiced without being discouraged and without stopping leads to spiritual victory, which produces spiritual enlightenment.

Then one can say Nuk unf-ab -“my heart is glad/unveiled”

Aset Veiled




The highest expression of saar is khak-ab since dispassion/detachment for the world delusion is the highest expression of living by truth. Khak-ab is also se-abu because it purifies the heart. Therefore, understanding the path is hard is due to the opacity of mind due to the strength of negative aryu. Over time of practice the strength of negative aryu diminishes while the positive increases and when the positive surpasses the negative, then, the road eases and victory is assured. Thus, about the road laid out by the wise, for the path of aspirant:

“There are two roads traveled by humankind, those who seek to live MAAT and those who seek to satisfy their animal passions.”