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This is a followup to the post reply given to Shems Heryt #6830
Just for the sake of reiterating the issue since in your post, S. Baket, you referred to the concept of “control”:

“It is up to me to control them to the best of my ability with the knowledge and application of the teachings”

It is critical to understand the mythic and devotional idea of control versus the metaphysical and mystic higher understanding of such. Therefore refer to #6830 for a expansion on the idea of what might be meant by “best of my ability”? This term is used sometimes like an explanation of human error when people say: “Well I’m only human.” In the metaphysical sense, dealing with the aryu with the science of the sebait, by handling the expressing aryu and modulating it with ethical conscience and approaching life with ethical conscience to produce higher quality aryu that goes into the heart and the highest of that being aryu infused with khak-ab; then this moves from devotional mythic practice to scientific mystical psychology that also transforms faith into rech (knowledge), the kind of knowledge possessed by Aset.

In the mystic practice of the path of wisdom the thought and understanding takes on a sharp quality, like a razor’s edge that is honed to excellent quality; that is the sharp mind that manifests the precision matched by the meticulousness of the temple structure and in so doing the instrument of mind and nervous system become a beacon and window through which the teaching is dynamically drawn from the depths of the heart and parsed to crystal clarity, revealing the nature of self and Creation. Therefore, review your statement, as S. Heryt has been asked to do and if found to be in need of adjustment, then proceed accordingly.