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Dua for sharing these issues.
On your quote of the Teaching of the Temple of Aset:
“Look, here comes Isis in the form of a physical woman who is also expert on the subject of writing about worldly subjects. With all that understanding about worldly affairs, her heart was disappointed, even sick (disgusted) in heart about the millions of manifestations called…”

Specifically, the translation is a little more precise and this is important since the difference imparts a different connotation:
“expert on the subject of writings/teachings about worldly subjects”

The term djedu (words/writings) implies advanced knowledge as compiled in text books gained by study and application of disciplines over time; so it relates in this context to gathered knowledge over her lifetime, of knowledge from experts in those fields, over generations. The latter translation from the book implies wisdom about the philosophy pertaining to worldly subjects as opposed to only the writings about them, which implies a superficial or mundane knowledge about the world. What is being described is that Aset became as if a genius about the major world areas of study, something like Imhotep, as it were. She was not only knowledgeable about the writings of the worldly subjects but about the philosophy behind them, the operative and theoretical nature of them and found them to be practical but ultimately baseless in the context of absolute and transcendental existence.
Now, this finding gave her total conviction about the idea that there needs to be something more, i.e. the source of those subjects, the spiritual foundation of them and the sustenance of Creation to allow their very existence. Therefore, she did not need and did not have, at this point in the myth, intuitional wisdom in order to have that conviction; This comes from a sharp intellect. But a sharp intellect does not mean enlightenment for there are many people with sharp intellects all over the world and look at the state of the world! Their sharp intellects are put to the use of wall street, the pentagon, Hollywood and a myriad of other self-serving causes that are self-destructive and still illusory. Therefore, the conviction of the illusoriness of the world teachings itself is also illusory and therefore to be rejected along with everything else. So where do we go from here? Taffy Shepsy – one pointed meditation to realize not theoretically but experientially, the true nature of that which is the substratum sustaining all.

While we certainly do not have control over the thoughts and feelings and desires and for the most part, also the actions of others, it is nice to think that we have control over our actions; however that is not exactly the case. We do not have absolute control over our thoughts, feelings or actions. This misconception can lead to endless but ineffective shedy practice or frustrations and failures and bewilderment.

The Ab which contains the aryu is the key to controlling the personality. The sum-total weight of aryu directs life regardless of the waking desire or intent. However, the waking desire or intent has the power to change the aryu at a fundamental level. This is the objective of the process of shedy. That is what the shedy work in the conscious waking state and acting with ethical conscience has the power to transform. When the content of the heart (Ab) is purified, then those desires and thoughts that arise from the Ab will not be in conflict with the Ka (conscious mind) and then there dawns self-mastery. So we do not have direct control over the personality but rather indirect that in perfection becomes direct when there is reduced or removed obstruction between conscious and unconscious (the interference by Set (ego)). When this interference has been dealt with then Asar (the soul) becomes king of the unconscious, Set is a purified servant of the soul and mind reflects the will of Heru (self-realized human being). Djehuty (intellect) blossoms with Aset (intuition-post taffy shepsy). This is called Nehast.
So don’t worry about letting go of ego and dissolving into Asar during meditation. Rather work on purifying the Ab by becoming expert like Aset in the nature of life and also its illusoriness; act with ethical conscience (Maat), reject all fruits of actions done and reject even the validity of your own and everyone else’s and Creation’s existence as separate and real “objects” separate from Asar, who is in reality Ra, who in turn is really Neter, the nameless, non-dual transcendental essence of existence! Doing these the Ab and its aryu takes care of itself…leading to indomitable will Maa-kheru, and inevitable enlightenment.

Proceed by making the adjustments suggested in this reply.


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