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Indeed, there is a practical aspect to the “hammering” process i.e. “antet begag” & “an chen”. An aspirant needs to learn to discern and prioritize and this is a foundation for the advanced practice of detachment and dispassion (khak-ab). This form of practice, at this level, is at a disciplinary point of view. The discipline needs to develop into a perennial and ever-present practice whereby no matter where an aspirant may find themselves they will be “repudiating” whatever is going on, being offered, being deprived of, and of course at an even higher level of practice, to be repudiated is the whole idea that there is something to be deprived of or to be repudiated altogether. This movement is a kind of height of the one pointed thought of khak-ab that becomes an ongoing awareness when perceiving the world of time and space. This discipline is not the goal but a means to the end of discovering the nature and essence Ra. So it is a discipline used to facilitate pushing away the world and entering into deep meditation (taffy shepsy). If it is only used as a perpetual discipline it can lead to morbid, dull dispassion, nihilism and depression, which are not helpful –of course. So in the hammering process, keep the faith, keep the admiration for the goddess and vision of Ra in all things, which is to be embraced, while rejecting the idea that those objects of the world are abiding realities other than Ra. Embrace dispassion for the egoistic vision and embrace the vision of all-pervasive divinity, constantly, perennially, peacefully and in the end throw out the hammer and keep Ra, who’s essence is in reality Neter!