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“O praise the goodness of the Supreme Being with songs for thanksgiving, and meditate in silence on the wonders of HIS-HER love; let thy heart overflow with gratitude and acknowledgment, let the language of thy lips speak praise and adoration, let the actions of thy life show thy love to Universal Law.”



Though there are many aspects to the epic saga of the Asarian Resurrection, there are two principal attempts on the life of Asar and one is at a party and the other is in the papyrus swamps. In the first Asar is found in a situation of joviality and inebriation with life locked away and essentially suffocated and in the second he is dismembered. These point to the nature of Set (ego) that drowns out the spark of the soul and by so doing it become subsumed in the ocean of deluded sense perceptions and subjective desires. Such a mind is so full with thoughts and desires that the awareness of spirit-self or awareness of something beyond ego, gender, time and space events, relationships and references is hard to fathom. For this reason the teaching and a spiritual discipline are necessary to cut through the thick vail of delusion. When Aset finds the body and revives it a second attempt is made, this time by disintegration. Aset’s efforts were reconstituting Asar and this time Set thought if he could dismember Asar that there would be no possibility of reconstitution. In one version of the myth the dismemberment is into 14 pieces which correspond to the 14 days of waxing and waning of the moon. So the moon, which reflects the clarity of the sun, when the moon is full, in contrast, when waning only reflects disjointed pieces. So the pieces represent dismembered, disjointed, deluded, confused reflections of the sun and those deluded reflections are the ignorant soul as if looking at oneself in a house of mirrors and seeing multiple images of itself and nowhere to be found is the image of the spirit (Ra, the sun).


If Set is able to maintain this state of affairs then there is no hope for the soul. Fortunately, after sufficient suffering of the human soul, through countless lifetimes and countless dismemberments, like what happened to Asar, Aset, the aspect of the personality called wisdom, is able to start a seed of aspiration for truth amid the mayhem of ignorance and delusion. That aspiration fights for the redemption of the soul and the redemption is not reinstatement to ordinary human misery but for restitution to the fullness of moon consciousness, which is reflection of the Sun in fullness of lucidity. So in the fullness of Asar, the process of Waxing is the period of the struggle of Heru and Set which culminates in the installation of Heru as the monarch of the personality. This means victory of the soul over the forces of ignorance and delusion.


About your statement:

“If one can learn to consistently control one’s mental perceptions and associated actions, embodying divine truth, one can overcome ari. “


This is key to success and the working out of this key is the struggle to practice and become expert the shedy disciplines as they pertain to one’s individual personality, which is dominated by aryu that is either dull, lucid or mixed.


About your statement:

“Self-doubt is a mental delusion which also affects one’s perception. As one grows in knowledge of self and enlivens truth, any feat is possible.”


This problem of self-doubt originates in the same problem of what causes egoism. The cure of self doubt is initiation and initiation means following an initiatic path valiantly and relentlessly; a path that is guided by the Higher Self itself partially manifesting as preceptor and later as direct connection to Aset within). Aset was not absolutely sure of her facts when she pursued Ra but she was sure enough to have faith in her intellectual convictions. The absolute knowledge came when she merged with Ra. So, the task is to have antet begag or relentless movement towards discovering truth even when there are setbacks in life like all the times he tried to dissuade her.


About your statement:

“A desire to develop such qualities have led me to further seek the Asetian path. “


GFI! (Go For It)