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Dua Sebai Maa for this discussion forum for TTOA in which we may glean even further understanding of the scriptures. The comments that you made on my posting #6720 brings forth some very significant points.

Firstly, the importance of intense study of the scriptures and hieroglyphs related to the scriptures by “hammering away” at the process is well heeded. Again, I come back to the visualization you gave previously of the “wall with a stop sign,” where the wall represents Khak ab and the stop sign is Ra in His illusory form (your reply to Shems Baket’s posting #6721). In the myth this “hammering” is demonstrated in Aset’s one pointed focus to know the true name of Ra. Aset was not distracted by the myriad names Ra gave to Her related to worldly creation, thus She fashioned from earth and spirit Her tafy shepsy serpent to pierce through the veil of illusion and receive the true name of Ra—Enlightenment.

It is made clear that the road to Enlightenment begins with Khak ab, and as Sebai Maa puts it “one has to raise the temperature on the fire of the stove of Khak ab.” In fact, Sebai also asserts that studying the scriptures without Khak ab is to come to that wall, which will be impenetrable, because one will continue to look for happiness in the world of time and space. Therefore, we are to understand that one cannot achieve Enlightenment without first experiencing Khak-ab—repudiating heart for all worldly illusions. Sebai Maa further intimates that we must embrace the myth of Ra and Aset by living in the myth and being Aset. In this way “all the force used toward the illusion is now being used to pierce through the illusion.”

I asked myself, “How can I hammer away at the wall and intensify my personal spiritual practice?” For me, this comes in the form of better management of the time part in the world of time and space that would allow for more intense practice and study of the scriptures and hieroglyphs. Part of this is learning to say “no” to certain things and perhaps even certain people that draw precious time and energy, and refocus my energies towards the one-pointed effort to know the true name of Ra. Dua to Spiritual Preceptors Sebai Maa and Seba Dja for their continued guidance.


Shems Heryt