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Ptah Maut Ankh

GS12 – An Evening with Sebai Maa and Seba Dja. Why is Shetaut Neter Important_3576833
1. Main Teachings
a. Every human being is seeking for fulfillment for his or her life. It could be lower level (sex, food, friends, career, money etc.). For the higher level through varied spiritual or religious paths. Shetaut Neter provides an authentic path with authentic results for those who seek true spiritual evolution.
b. Life is full of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, pain and pleasure. This causes one to seek after that which brings stability to life. This can be accomplished by practicing the teachings of Shetaut Neter.
c. Our spiritual make up is composed of our Ari, mental thoughts, the food we eat, our words that we speak and what we study.
d. To become spiritually evolved a personality must first go through a purification process. Five divinities and five principles must be discovered. Aset is wisdom, Asar is soul, Set is the Ego, Nebehet is the physical desire to have a human body and experiences, and Heru is the redemption of truth in the personality through Shedy, meditation etc. My work is to be ethical, healthy living (diet and yoga), meditation, peacefulness and staying away of risky behavior.
e. I must integrate all aspects of my personality and practice wisdom, reflection, and detachment from the world.
2. Implementation of the teaching
a. From the physical aspect, I have a plant-based diet 50% Raw and 50% cooked. I practice yoga every morning for about ten minutes and walk a half hour mostly every day (weather permitting). Fasting during the New and Full moon, usually on a Saturday or Sunday closest to the actual day.
b. From the spiritual aspect, involved in a bi-weekly shedy with Unut Anpu, Wednesday evening Shedy Chat meeting with Sabai Maa and Seba Dja, Participate on Thursday Blog Talk Radio and listen to the Sunday Blog Talk Radio, Saturday evening Shedy with Sebai, and Kemet U. Reflection of the teachings and meditation. Uttering hekaus during the day both verbally and mentally. Observing the three daily rituals in some capacity.