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Level 1 Lesson 17, Audio Assignment, 28:34

1.What are the main teachings?

Humans today are living in contradiction with life, nature, and our bodies and meat/cattle industry has trained people to eat more meat. Plant foods are able to provide all necessary proteins. Overfarming and denatured soils is another major issue. Transition and proper absorption is inhibited by a lifetime of unhealthy living. Juicing can be a helpful part of the transition for this purpose. Food cultures around the world often revolve around unhealthy/meat options, this can be a challenge for people’s transitions as well. Meat should be stopped as soon as possible for aspirants with transitional options that are readily available. GMO and food contaminations are also issues and should push us to eat and live healthier.

We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Part of the journey of health is to continue to identify oneself with the spirit, this will create a stronger change in the physical ability to change to a healthy lifestyle as well as distance from the unhealthy food culture and to eat the foods of our Kemetic spiritual culture.

Modern holistic health methods were also practiced in Ancient Egypt. General population is able to partake of a less disciplined lifetime. A spiritual aspirant must pursue a higher culture, spiritual culture in order to allow spiritual life and pursuits to succeed.

First Principle: The true source of disease is not external. Second Principle: Diseases arise from Ukheddu that obstructs the vascular systems of the body. Third Principle: Three foods – food for body mind and soul. Fourth Principle: The art and discipline of fasting. Fifth Principle: All our foods should be green, – plant foods coming from fruits and vegetables. This green process also relates to green food for the Mind (Ka), which is the spiritual teachings that lead to enlightenment ( that which endures) and foods that lead to constriction of consciousness are those things which lead to ignorance of self. Green food for the soul is expansion of consciousness and experience of Self. Spirit represents all encompassing divinity whereas soul represents the individual piece of spirit.

Importance of silence. Too much talking/thinking will come back as aryu to agitate the mind as impressions. Silence is a form of healthy mental food, and transcendence and true fulfillment is a form of healthy soul food.

Drugs/fancy expensive objects/sexual infatuation: These leave one with greater pain because in the beginning it feels like an expansion of consciousness but it is not lasting or real direct experience and therefore in the end it becomes a poison that leaves a person unfulfilled. What the soul is truly looking for is real and enduring expansion and spiritual glory. All untrue things lead a wise person to discover and pursue the truth which is spirit. This is the process of becoming green.

Anger is a form of “mild” temporary insanity. Remedies are to apply the opposite. Anger is forgiveness, hatred; love and understanding, greed; generosity, lust; purity and sex sublimation, envy; jealousy satisfaction, discontentment; contentment, boredom; right action, pride; humility.

2.Are you implementing this teaching? How so?

Yes I am applying these teachings. For seven-eight years transitioned my diet with a more intensive practice last four years, and am now working more on creating healthy mental and soul food by practicing silence, creating distance from identification with the ego and moving toward more regular identification with the spirit, practicing shedy, studying the teachings, pursuing good association.

The discussion on using the remedies of the opposites is something that I have slowly come to understand by first having realizations about how my present experience is conditioned by past habituated thoughts-actions and how through repeated effort applying the remedies will lead to those qualities increasing over time in my life. This also relates to a previous discussion I heard from Seba Dja, not remembering where, about how these remedies apply especially to the long term process of purification and change and this is in line with my recent realizations on aryu and encourage me to apply this part of the practice.

Recently I became disillusioned with the “worldly alternative health movement” and have separated myself from it because, after further reflection, I found that the lack of insight into the mind was a huge flaw as well as the lack of insight into the soul and authentic spirituality and created an actually very large problem in the socialization process, the information shared, the ideology, etc where people “spin their wheels” around the body even when they have learned what they need to go down the path of physiological purification. Also in many cases the “balance” aspect of the process, although discussed, becomes reduced partly for the financial benefit of those sharing the health information- to keep people dependent on the limited information about detox, etc. The actual penetration of the illusions of life worth questioning is given less attention, even being ridiculed by people who act as if they studied spirituality and found diet to be the only issue humans have. For example they may question eating meat but when it comes to questioning the ideals of sensuality that underlies much of the vegan movements the information became itself the obstruction because it is grounded in the body and lack of reflection of death and impermanence. I found actually what I needed to find and the authentic spiritual path became even that much more apparent. The mind becomes a critical area of purification as the body becomes cleaner, both to allow for greater movement toward a healthy life to let go of physical and mentally unhealthy habits but also to reorientate the discussion of healthy diet in a way that leads a person to work with the mind – which is an infinitely larger area of obstruction then the body (which is saying a lot.) I became disillusioned as I saw people becoming almost famous or idealized because of how they eat or what they don’t eat and although the dietetic information(even in the higher more aggressive levels) I personally find to be so important they are only one step on the path of health and spiritual awakening and when misapplied can lead a person to more bodily identification. When this issue develops people can do and pursue very positive life changes but the movement becomes stagnant, the discussion becomes stagnant, and egoism is bolstered. This is what attracts me to the teaching of food for the body-mind-soul becomes it is line with the authentic spiritual path, provides real direction, and is hard, serious, and annihilates the ego instead of bolstering it or continuing the illusions inherent in human existence. This to me is the benefit of the Kemetic Diet philosophy and its place within the authentic teachings of Kemetic spirituality. From my experience the attachment to something in the world in order to learn or grow and the disillusionment that follows is critical in the process of waking up, although it causes me confusion at the time, I think it is a proper movement toward neccesarily learning/experiences for revelation that leads to detachment and persistence to enlightenment ( khak ab and antet begag.) Lastly to add, I have to keep in mind that when I became disillusioned by people objects, or experiences to use this to support detachment ; because sometimes I develop anger with that which I’m detaching from and see certain people or groups as insincere maybe because they talk about spirituality or maybe meditation and then when I associate with them I may find the truth to be different or that enlightenment doesnt seem to be the goal but a different kind of sensuality and I have to keep in mind what sebai maa said abut the kemetic that “no one is born wise” and people have different aryu and paths in their journey – and it is beneficial for me to keep this in mind and learn to go through periods of detachment without being confused by the experience and getting into the opposite of attachment – repulsion. To look on the experience with wisdom and detachment maybe, versus attachment combined with disillusionment.