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Bastu Baket

Reply to Sebai Maa’s Post #6760 and Shems Heryt’s Post #6792

Dua Sebai Maa for expounding with actual visuals of the stop sign on the wall and the monkey’s hand caught in response to my post #6737. I so agree with Shems Heryt that they serve to “see” your explanation of pushing through what we have created (the wall) and now essentially demolishing with our Taffy Shepsy it is very powerful! Even in looking closely at the stop sign you can see a coiled snake wrapped around the words very faintly. For me it means this subtle energy of the Taffy Shepsy can pierce through that wall and allow clear vision, “beyond limits of time and space” as you stated and Shems Heryt cited, to see and be one with the Divine Self. I also agree with Shems Heryt that “punching out one brick brings the entire wall down” was so very meaningful. Dua also for “Just work on one and the rest also fall” this does indeed display the power of that one-pointedness.

Shems Baket